Dear Pepsi Cola

 Dearest Pepsi Cola,

How do I love thee. Let me count the ways...... Ok no really. I have a serious inquiry. I'm not pleased with you at all. I have been a dedicated drinker of Diet Pepsi for years now. My refrigerator is filled with Diet Pepsi at all times. I literally have cases of Diet Pepsi around my house. I never run out. And I don't drink anything but Diet Pepsi. (which probably isn't healthy in any way shape or form) Anytime I'm out running errands and am in need of refreshment I stop at the local store or gas station and grab a 20oz Diet Pepsi.

Morning, noon or night I have a Diet Pepsi. As I've said, you are all I drink. But I'm disappointed in you at the moment. I've noticed a growing trend when going to said gas stations and stores for your wonderful refreshment. Though the isles always have cases, 2 liters, 20oz's and 16oz's I find no 1 liters. And to this I am highly disappointed.

Now when I lived in Ohio you could find 1 liters of your wonderfully delicious Diet Pepsi everywhere you look. And now that I'm in the south (Ellijay, Ga to be exact) I can't find them anywhere. For a 1 liter of Diet Pepsi would be wonderful on a day out and about running errands or meeting up with friends at the lake or just even out for a drive. 20ozers just do not last me that long. So a 1 liter would be wonderful. (2 liters of Diet Pepsi are just to big for those kind of days) And a sad thing is, here in good old Ellijay, Ga we have a Pepsi distribution plant in town! And yet no 1 liters of Diet Pepsi anywhere. So how can it be dear Pepsi that I can not find a 1 liter of Diet Pepsi anywhere I should look?

So please, dear Pepsi, explain to me why I can find 1 liters of Mountain Dew and other Pepsi products, but no Diet Pepsi 1 liters anywhere?

From your faithful Diet Pepsi Drinker.

P.S. I hope to have this matter resolved quickly, as I would love to know where to be able to get said product mentioned above :)

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Sunnyglitter profile image

Sunnyglitter 6 years ago from Cyberspace

lol I hate Diet Pepsi, but I always assumed it was located everywhere. Hope you end up finding some!

wademcmaster profile image

wademcmaster 6 years ago from Australia

Nothing worse that losing accessability of your favourite drink! I used to have a major Pepsi Max addiction...

gqgirl profile image

gqgirl 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Oh I have accessability to the diet pepsi. Just not to 1 liters of diet pepsi! lol

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