Deep Fried Mars Bar

Those of you who love fries, burgers, nuggets and fizzy drinks then you would definitely want to end your meal with a dessert. Then why not go for the celebrated mouth watering "mother of all desserts", the Scottish "deep fried Cadbury's Mars bar". It will definitely fulfill your sweet tooth cravings. It is a deep fried Mars chocolate bar fried in batter (same as fish batter) served with raspberry sauce or whipped cream. It is one of the best Scottish inventions.

The dish seems to have first been made in a "fish and chip" shop in the northeastern Scottish village of Stonehaven south of Aberdeen, when a customer first asked for one. The fast food outlet today sells hundreds of the deep fried mars bar.

Enjoying the “Deep Fried Mars Bar”

The dessert has gained so much popularity that it can be found on menus in several restaurants not only in the UK but throughout the world specially Ireland (Dublin), Leyland (UK), British Columbia, Oregon (USA), Bondi Beach (Australia) and Washington. It's mainly severed as a side order with chips. However, the reality is that there are several other examples of battered side orders such as deep batter fried ice cream, pizza, pineapple rings, toffee bars and Creme Eggs.

See how the “Deep Fried Mars Bar” is made.

The recipe for making “Deep Fried Mars Bar”

The recipe is straight and simple. Prepare a batter with plain flour using either beer or milk. Cover the Mars bar or any other chocolate you like and fully cover with the batter. Make sure the Mars bar is cold before doing this by placing it in the fridge before hand. Alternatively it can be used straight from the wrapper. Deep fry as usual and serve with whipped cream, ice cream or fruits if you like it healthy. You'll love it.

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Abhinaya 9 years ago

Sluuuuuurp!Sounds too good,but can it be pure veggie?I am a strict vegetarian.

surendra 9 years ago

nice information...

caspar profile image

caspar 9 years ago from UK

Sounds disgusting to me! My daughter microwaves mars bars to make a sticky sloppy pudding (which also looks disgusting) but she says it's delicious.

Tatiana 5 years ago

MMMMMMMMMM I love love love love it!!!!!!!

I love love love you guys for showing me how to make it

M. 5 years ago

It's awesome, and yes, perfectly vegetarian. Yoi can make it vegan if you use a good chocolate bar and substitute the milk in the batter for soy milk.

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