Delicious Fruit and Green Tea Smoothie

Jet Fruit & Green Tea Smoothie
Jet Fruit & Green Tea Smoothie

Fruit and green tea smoothie

 My first experience ever drinking a smoothie was yesterday. I went to my local supplier for my store to pick up needed items for breakfast at my store. I had completely forgotten the store was hosting a trade show. Complete with representatives from different suppliers cooking, mixing and sampling their products. I got my cart and as I walked through the store I talked with a few of the reps. The rep I spent the most time with was sampling smoothies. I have never had one before and never had I seen one made.

I watched with great interest. He had an ordinary blender, ice cubes, and three flavors of the product he was promoting, Mango madness, Strawberry Bomb, and Peach frenzy. Now myself I'm not a big fruit person. Oh I like the basics apples, oranges, and bananas. Some its just a texture thing like strawberries the seeds are like sandpaper. Anyhow, he put ice in the blender and the smoothie mix just enough to cover the ice, put on the lid, turned on the blender and listened until he heard no more ice chunks. Its as easy at that, wow, was I amazed.

Next he gave me a sample cup, it was the peach frenzy. I can't express to you how good this fruit smoothie was. Creamy and smooth no chunks of ice. It was not full of air like a Slurpee or icee. No carbonation, all natural ingredients, it was just plain good! It is made from fruit puree, green tea, and they use real sugar not corn syrup.

I was so impressed with this product I told my daughter about it and she is a huge fruit smoothie fan. She went out today and bought me a blender, I bought some peach frenzy, which by they way is good for 4 weeks after you open the container. I am enjoying a glass of smoothie as I type this. Normally I only drink diet coke, so she jumped on the chance to see me drinking something good for me, and its low in calories too.

Most people know of the many benefits of drinking green tea, now you can indulge in this multitude of green tea healthiness and fruit at the same time with this  delicious fruit and green tea smoothie mix. I have to say I am so impressed with this product I am going to sell green tea and fruit smoothies at my store (Choice Food Store 2801 22ND Ave N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33713). What a better way to celebrate the wonderful weather just around the corner with spring and summer on its way.

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dpfitzell profile image

dpfitzell 6 years ago from North Dakota

Very good article. I am craving one of those peach smoothies now.

mod2vint profile image

mod2vint 6 years ago from Sunny Florida Author

Now that you mention it, me too!

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

This all sounds great Mod2vint. I live a simple life of eating/drinking the same stuff every day. I use a lot of frozen fruits because fresh fruits, here, are hard to keep. They seem to spoil too quickly. The frozen fruit take the place of ice too. I then put spirulina, fresh banana, protein powder in the mix. And- thanks!

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