Delicious Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burgers Can Be So Delicious If You Make Them By The Recipes Here.

If you take your time to cook them right Turkey Burgers can be oh so tasty and delicious.
If you take your time to cook them right Turkey Burgers can be oh so tasty and delicious. | Source

Easy Turkey Burgers Recipe: How to make JUICY, flavorful turkey burgers!

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Mushroom Bleau Cheese Turkey Burgers

You can pack a lot of delicious tasty flavors into a turkey burger. Turkey Burgers can be as tasty or tastier than ground beef if you prepare and cook your turkey burgers and season them correctly. Here I'm going to share a recipe for Mushroom Bleau Cheese Turkey Burgers that most people agree are some of the most delicious turkey burgers they have ever tasted.

While I was Executive Chef at the Florida Cracker Cafe I prepared and served thousands of these delicious turkey burgers and people always sent the comment back to the kitchen that these were the most delicious turkey burgers they had ever tasted. Many would think we had sent out a beef burger by mistake. At the Florida Cracker Cafe we served homemade sweet potato home fries with the turkey burger and people would just love it.

Keep in mind when your purchasing the ingredients for your turkey burgers that you'll want sweet yellow onions to go on your turkey burgers. The sweet yellow or vidalia onions will work best for your turkey burgers and the taste of the turkey burgers along with the sweet onion is so great.

For your Mushroom , Bleau Cheese , Turkey Burgers you will need.

1. One Pound Of Ground Turkey.

2. Eight Ounces Button Mushrooms finely chopped.

3. One Large Vidalia Onion finely chopped.

4. Two Tablespoons Soy Sauce.

5. One Teaspoon Ground Sea Salt.

6. One Teaspoon Black Pepper.

7. One Half Cup Bleau Cheese Crumbles.

8. One Large Well Beaten Egg.

9. Sliced Vidalia Onions.

10. Lettuce Leafs.

11. Sliced Tomatoes.

12. Slices of Yellow American Cheese.

You will want to mix all your ingredients together in a large bowl and mix together very well before you form your mixture into turkey burgers. You will want each formed turkey burger to be about four ounces and you will want to grill your turkey burgers over medium heat on a pre-heated grill.

I sometimes sauté sweet onions and strips of bell pepper and offer them on the side along with my turkey burgers. Sometimes I will add in strips of fresh jalapeno peppers. You get a lot of flavor this way.

I almost always butter my buns and grill the buns to a golden brown to serve my burgers on. This will make your turkey burgers so delicious. It really does help to improve their flavor greatly.

When You Build Your Turkey Burgers

When you put your turkey burgers together put the turkey burger with a slice of yellow American cheese melted on top of it.

Now place your lettuce , tomato , sliced vidalia onions and another slice of yellow American cheese on top of every thing and place the top of the bun on the sandwich. I place a few onion slices on the grill and place a slice of yellow American cheese on top of the onions to melt before I place the sliced onion and cheese on top of the turkey burger sandwich.

At restaurants where I have served the turkey burger sandwiches I have offered mayonnaise and mustard on the side and allowed people to add it to their turkey burgers if they want it. I have also often added bacon to the sandwich and with the bacon you have what I consider to be the ultimate turkey burger sandwich. I like my bacon fried crisp.

Some people like to add a thin slice or two of sweet onion to this delicious burger when they put it together.

If you make the turkey burgers please post a comment below. Also feel free to post your suggestions , tips , and questions below now. And thanks for reading my hub page about Turkey Burgers.

Turkey Burger Recipe - How To Make Turkey Burgers

Turkey Burgers Are Oh So Delicious
Turkey Burgers Are Oh So Delicious | Source

Greek Turkey Burger

I call these turkey burgers, Greek Turkey Burgers and they are some of the most delicious burgers you'll ever eat. You want to use finely crumbled Feta cheese in these burgers. You want freshly ground turkey. And you want to be sure to use either red or purple sweet onion in your recipe.

You want to cook these burgers over a pre-heated charcoal or gas grill. It's very important that the grill be hot when you put the burgers on to cook.

I've also made these burgers on a George Foreman Grill indoors from time to time and they always turn out just perfect. If you have a George Foreman Grill you should give it a try.

Ingredients For Your Greek Turkey Burgers

1. One Pound Ground Turkey.

2. One Half Cup Fine Crumbled Feta Cheese.

3. One Fourth Cup Fine Diced Sweet Onion.

4. One Fourth Cup Red Wine.

Mix all your ingredients together thoroughly and then form the turkey burgers out into four equal size burgers. Press them out as flat as possible with out pushing them apart. You can if you wish cook these burgers in a pan in a 350 degree oven or on the grill. If your going to cook them on the grill mix one large egg into the burger mixture before you make out the burgers. This will keep the turkey burgers from falling apart on the grill.

Use half ground turkey and half bulk Italian Sausage instead of all turkey for a lot more flavor. I love the turkey burgers made out of half ground turkey and half bulk Italian Sausage.

Cook your turkey burgers until they reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees. If you cook them on the grill you must add the egg or they will fall apart on the grill.

Once you know that your burgers are near done place a slice of cheddar cheese on top of each burger and allow it to melt before you remove the burgers from the grill. I like to grill my buns for my burgers.

Put the turkey burger with the cheese on it on the bun and then I usually let my guests add what they like to their burger. I offer lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sliced sweet onion, ketchup, mustard and salt and pepper on the side.

When I make turkey burgers I usually allow people to add their own salt and pepper to the burger. I promise you that these are delicious burgers.

I've started always offering ground sea salt with all my cooked meats because the ground sea salt has much more flavor than regular table salt. And its also a lot better for you than regular table salt.

Barbecue Turkey Burgers

Here's a delicious way to make barbecue turkey burgers. Make your turkey burgers by one of the above recipes and then dip each turkey burger in barbecue sauce. Put your barbecue turkey burgers into a greased baking pan and bake until the burgers reach an internal temperature of 170 degrees. You can then serve the barbecue turkey burgers on grilled buns with more barbecue sauce on the side. Slaw goes great on these barbecue turkey burgers. Be sure that you butter and grill your buns before putting the sandwiches together.

Turkey Burgers Are Oh So Delicious

Delicious Turkey Burgers. Turkey Burgers Can Be Really Delicious And They Are Good For You.
Delicious Turkey Burgers. Turkey Burgers Can Be Really Delicious And They Are Good For You. | Source

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