Dennys Louisiana Lyon Oven Pancake

Photo by Denny Lyon
Photo by Denny Lyon

Easy and Fast!


Great for a quick supper or brunch with a minimum of fuss mixed in one bowl and baked in one pan - and this pancake is long on presentation! This is a version of the Dutch baby oven pancake. The only sugar in the recipe is if you serve it with powdered sugar. High in protein and very filling, it is about 400 calories if served to only two people - so no need to add sausage or bacon.


2 large lemons - cut into wedges for squeezing juice onto pancake for serving.

Powdered sugar - helps if it's sifted, otherwise it clumps.

6 large AA eggs

¾ - 1 cup all-purpose flour

(Note: 1 cup makes a heavier pancake - less makes it more custard-like, your choice)

1 cup low fat organic milk (just as good with plain soy milk of a good brand)

½ teaspoon salt

3 Tablespoons butter (no substitutes)


Bake in preheated oven at 400 degrees F. for 20 - 25 minutes until it puffs up high, especially on the sides.

With a hand mixer beat:

6 large eggs


¾ - 1 cup flour

1 cup low fat milk

½ teaspoon salt

Optional:  Add 1 - 2 Tablespoons fresh or bottled lemon juice   (This makes for a more lemon tasting pancake.  We love lemon at our house and it saves time adding extra squeezes of lemon at the table when served.)

Batter will be thin but smooth and creamy.

(Note: 1 - Make sure to place cast iron or other heavy skillet in cold oven and, 2 - then heat to temperature.)

In preheated 10-inch heavy skillet that just came out of the 400° F. oven, place 3 Tablespoons real butter to melt.

Heating butter in the oven

Note about any oil and high heat

As soon as butter is melted and beginning to bubble, about 2 - 3 minutes so watch for it, pour batter quickly into hot skillet as real butter will burn and turn brown quickly at this high heat.

Note: You can use peanut oil which can tolerate high heat better.

Tilt the skillet to coat it as much as possible with melted butter before pouring in batter.

Pouring thin batter into very hot pan

General wisdom

Note: Make sure you pour this into the skillet immediately after mixing as the air bubbles in the eggs will begin to deflate and make for a flatter disappointing pancake.

Warning: Be careful not to splatter or burn yourself when pouring into the skillet.

(Trust me, have done this and it isn't fun.)

This large pancake will rise beautifully in the oven - though it may rise unevenly, high on one side and low on another - don't be tempted to open the oven before pancake is risen and browned on the edges or you will have to start all over again. It will deflate when pulled out of the oven to serve. Place a few small dots of real butter when just out of the oven and dust heavily with sifted powdered sugar while warm. You can slide it out of the hot pan or cut into portions in the pan and then serve.

Yum Factor!

Just out of the oven and beginning to fall
Just out of the oven and beginning to fall
Serving portion dusted with powdered sugar and lemon juice - Photo by Denny Lyon
Serving portion dusted with powdered sugar and lemon juice - Photo by Denny Lyon

Recipe Summary and Portions

Portions: two people as a hearty meal or as many as eight for appetizer portions.

Note: In the summer when we wanted a much smaller portion, I've cut this recipe directly in half for two people, serving a side of toast, fruit or Southern polenta (called "grits" for the uninitiated!).

Serve with lots and lots of fresh lemon wedges as well as a side of powdered sugar for diners to use to their taste of sweet and tart.

Note: Because I added a lot of notes for inexperienced cooks it looks more time-consuming than it is.


heat your pan in the oven before you begin mixing,

melt the butter in the pan until bubbling,

pour in the batter and

let the beauty rise to the occasion in the oven,

bake about 20 - 25 minutes.

serve with lemon wedges and powdered sugar.


WARNING: Can be addicting!


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Photo by Denny Lyon
Photo by Denny Lyon

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This photo by Original Pancake House where I first discovered this wonderful delicacy! If you are lucky there is one in your state.

All other photos from What's Cooking America - this is a wonderful site, large and full of useful well-written information. Check it out for your holiday and entertaining cooking!

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Sara L. Wehr 8 years ago

Looks good, I make a wicked sour cream pancake. More along the lines of regular pancakes, but richer. When I'm not serving my kids, I always include a cup of whole wheat or even buckwheat flour to mitigate some of the sinfullness. Served with real maple syrup of course!

*Iron skillets are wonderful things! I use mine mostly for southern fried chicken, and honey corn bread.

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 8 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Author

Hey, Sara! Glad to see you up here on! So, when can we expect to see your wonderful recipes listed here too? We love sour cream pancakes at our house too - though I tend to go to the lower fat version. REAL maple syrup rocks!

Also, thank you StumbleUpon fans - you are the best! As of this writing 515 have viewed this article!

Denny Lyon profile image

Denny Lyon 7 years ago from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA Author

Over 722 views of this one recipe as of this writing a month later! I am absolutely floored at the interest. Thank you.

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