Designer Bread Bins

The humble bread bin was originally made from wood and used to keep baked bread fresh for as long as possible. The bread bin fell out of favour when pre-sliced bread with preservatives was made commercially available. Sold in plastic wrapping, the bread kept fresher for longer and so bread bin sales declined. However, while bread bins went out of fashion in the US and around the world, many people in the UK still see a bread bin as an essential kitchen item particularly those who like to buy a fresh loaf from the local baker or bake their own.

Why use a bread bin

Bread has a short life span and a bread bin won't stop bread going mouldy once it's past its best. However, a bread bin can keep the bread in the best level of humidity to help it stay fresh and crusty for a reasonable number of days.

A bread bin also comes into its own during the warmer months when humidity can make a loaf go stale quicker. Keeping your bread in a freezer can preserve it for longer, but then it's only good for toasting (and sometimes you just want a sandwich!).

If you've bought an unsliced loaf, keep it like that in the bread bin. Any fresh or baked goods should also be left in the bin with no wrapping around them as this will impede the function of the bin.

Large cream enamel bread bin
Large cream enamel bread bin

Top designer bread bins

Today's range of designer bread bins aren't just practical; they also look great on your kitchen surfaces. This '50s inspired design is made from enamel and has plenty of room to hold bread, rolls and cakes. And if you want more storage in this range, there are 18 other storage containers including biscuit tins, coffee tins and potato buckets.

Joseph Joseph Bread Bin

Red bread bin with beech lid
Red bread bin with beech lid

Design company Joseph Joseph specialise in kitchenware and have produced this contemporary bread bin with a dual function. The container is made from melamine making it durable and very easy to clean. The lid is made from beech wood and doubles as a chopping board when turned over.

Nigella Lawson

Classic bread bin in black with a beech lid
Classic bread bin in black with a beech lid

If anybody knows about home-baked bread then it's Nigella Lawson. Champion of domestic bliss, Nigella's kitchenware range includes this great bread bin design. A traditional look made from ceramic with a beech wood lid that doubles as a bread board, this bin will look great in any kitchen.

Butter dish in black with a beech lid
Butter dish in black with a beech lid

And what would a slice of bread be without a layer of butter. Combine your Nigella bread bin with a matching butter dish.


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