Different Kinds of Leavening Agents

Different Kinds of Leavening Agents

Different Kinds of Leavening Agents. What are leavening agents or leaveners? Leavening agents are substances that are used in batters as well as doughs which are used to soften the dough and it is also used for lightening it.

There are three types of leavening agents, mechanical, biological and chemical agents. It produced air within interaction with the heat, moisture and acidity, it is the bubble you see when you make dough.

When you mix dough, the water and flour are mix together, you can see that there are holes that are left and this is an indication of the leavening agents presence in the mixed dough.

You can buy them of course in any supermarket and online as well if you are very busy. In this hub, i will discuss some insights into the three different kinds of leavening agents.

Some Quotes About Dough and Leavening Agents

  • "It is easier to bake and make a dough, than to find the real dough, it is the source of energy and the reason to be happy. Now give me that doughnut" By Anonymous
  • "You aren't a baker yet until you know what leavening agents are". Mechanical does it better. By Anonymous

Baking powder -- example of chemical leavener

Three kinds of leavening Agents or Leaveners

Chemical leaveners-- these are substances which when react to moisture or heat can produce gases -- the carbon dioxide gas -- they are used in quickbread as well as cakes and cookies. it is for immediate use unlike biological leaveners which used fermentation and take longer time. This usually combines the base chemicals and acid.

Yeast example of biological leavener

yeast used for fermentaion process
yeast used for fermentaion process

Biological leaveners

Biologocal leaveners -- are usually this process is longer than chemical leaveners as it used fermentation like the yeast --- it alters the biological chemistry of the batter or dough while the yeast is at work.

An example of biological leavener is yeast leavening which "requires proofing, which allows the yeast time to reproduce and consume carbohydrates in the flour".

creaming butter with sugar -- example of mechanical leavening


Mechanical leaveners

Mechanical leaveners-- are what it is you used your hand by mixing leavening agents like whisking cream, egg whites or when you do creaming -- mixing butter with sugar. According to wikipedia usually this process "integrates tiny air bubbles into the mixture, since the sugar crystals physically cut through the structure of the fat. Creamed mixtures are usually further leavened by a chemical leavener and is often used in cookies

Different kinds Of Leaveners

Kinds of Leaveners : Leavening Agents 
Bilogical leaveners 
sourdough starters, yeast, yoghurt, kefir, gingerbeer,buttermilk, beer 
Chemical leaveners 
baking powder, baking soda,monocalcium phospates, sodium acid pyphospate, cream ot tartar, hydrogen peroxide
Mechanical leaveners 
mixing sugar and butter, cream, egg whites, sponges ,cakes 
other leaveners
used in tempura and pudding, nitrous oxide

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