Do you know why i love this dish

Because its simple,tasty yet cooks fast

I always had this in my mind, do I really need vegetables of all kind to prepare sandwich, what if I don’t have enough of vegetables and what if I don’t like to use them as everyone does. Even though I love to eat sandwich but the idea of preparing with at least minimum of two to three vegetables would put off my interest in making them. I thought is there anything which is simple to understand and easy to prepare yet gives me a feeling that I am having a sandwich.

One day when I was watching a food program in a local channel, I got to know about this easy to prepare bread recipe yet very good in taste. When the anchor said that its very easy to prepare this recipe ,I thought o even anchors do take equal interest in preparing them, but to be frank initially I didn’t believe that its so easy to prepare and the taste o my god, you will never feel like you had enough of it, infact I will not surprised if a person says I would like to have one more of it. Even the preparation time is more or less five minutes; I thought he must be joking.

May at that point of time, I thought it to be a joke but when I actually prepared it I realized how easy it is to prepare this item. While during the preparation of that item, I was not sure of how the item is going to be, I thought would it taste good to my taste buds or would it join my trail and error list. I don’t know what’s in store for me.

And talking about this recipe, it hardly requires any ingredients expect for two or three which can be easily found in any kitchen, because without these ingredients probably no hot dishes can be prepared. It’s as simple as it sounds, o really let me see and tell whether it’s simple to prepare or not I thought.

So after preparing this recipe I thought should I call this as sandwich or by other name. Because when the anchor prepared it, I didn’t hear him repeating the name of the recipe. So I thought let me call it as a simple bread recipe.

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RNMSN profile image

RNMSN 6 years ago from Tucson, Az

so this is the start of the bred recipe aticle? cool...but I a still confused about milk bread...:)

wordsword profile image

wordsword 6 years ago Author

yes RNMSN, try you can get it at Indian stores, milk bread as they say is quite popular in India and it tastes some what sweet not entirely sweet. And thank you very much for the comments.

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