Dutch Food in Melbourne: The Dutch Shop and De Hollandse Winkel

Where to buy Dutch food in Melbourne?

Are you looking for Dutch food in Melbourne, Australia? Perhaps you have some Dutch guests coming over or you are a Dutch expat living there? You can indeed get well-known and traditional Dutch food in Melbourne as long as you know where to find it!

In this article I will discuss the shops in and around Melbourne where you can buy Dutch food. Another option of course is to order Dutch food online at one of the Australian Dutch food websites and have it delivered to an address in Melbourne.

I will discuss The Dutch Shop and De Hollandse Winkel in this article.

The Dutch Shop

This is the only Dutch food store that I know of in Melbourne, Australia. It is located in the outer suburb Vermont South. The shop is a single room with lots of shelves that contain many flavours of liquorice and food like stroopwafels, tumtummetjes and frikandellen. Yes, if you're wondering where to buy stroopwafels in Melbourne, Australia - you can buy them here!

Other food includes Dutch cheese, hagelslag and groenten van HAK. The store also sells other Dutch products such as clogs (klompen), postcards and painted tiles with Dutch landscapes.

The shop used to have a website (http://www.dutchshop.com.au) but it does not seem to exist anymore.

The Dutch Shop
272 - 276 Morack Road
Vermonth South
Victoria 3133 Australia

How to get to The Dutch Shop:
You can get there by car or by public transport. The easiest way is to take tram 75 just outside Flinders Street Station (or wherever you live near this tram line) and travel all the way to the final stop of this tram line. Walk further by following the road and Morack Road should appear on your left after a while. Walk into Morack Road and the shop is located on your left.

A markerThe Dutch Shop -
272 Morack Rd, Vermont South VIC 3133, Australia
[get directions]

De Hollandse Winkel

You may also come across De Hollandse Winkel in your online searches for Dutch food in Melbourne. This shop was located in the suburb Blackburn.

When I went to the address (1 Alfred St, Blackburn), all that remained was an abandoned building with a typical Dutch facade. The building was for sale as well.

As a result, the only Dutch food store is The Dutch Shop mentioned above.

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Comments 16 comments

katiem2 profile image

katiem2 6 years ago from I'm outta here

Thanks for the great information on dutch food in Melbourne. I live in Ohio and yet find great Dutch foods at the world market where I enjoy shopping. It's especially nice to have treats from around the world at the holidays. Peace and JOY :)

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 6 years ago Author

Yes, it's great to have food from back home or to try food from other countries. I was organising a Dutch themed party so it was nice to find Dutch food around Melbourne :)

Wesman Todd Shaw profile image

Wesman Todd Shaw 6 years ago from Kaufman, Texas

Very cool, Sir, I would love to travel the roads you've traveled.

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 6 years ago Author

If you can find the time and the money you indeed can. I might even write more about it in my hubs!

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 6 years ago from Australia

G'day mate, I have lived in Melbourne all of my life and never knew this shop existed. Thanks for the heads-up:-)

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 6 years ago Author

G'day! It's not exactly near the city center so that's why :) If it was on Swanston Street everyone would know about it! But it's good that the Dutch community has a shop where they can buy their food. Other people can try the food too of course!

Katie 5 years ago

Thanks for this article. I was wondering if the shop in Blackburn was still open. I will definitely be returning to the Dutch shop in Vermont soon.

Rhys 5 years ago

Thanks so much, I was an Aussie Ex-pat living in Zwolle for the past 5 years and recently returned to Melbourne...I've been craving frikandellen for months now and I'll be making the trip out tomorrow!

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 5 years ago Author

Of course, the shop is also open for those who have visited the Netherlands and who'd like some Dutch food again in Australia :)

ante 4 years ago

can u get chocomel in australia

Yvette 4 years ago

Any information on the opening hours of the store?

Will it be open on Sunday? That is my only day off, I work 6 days a week in the countryside an hour away from the city...

I would love to go to the store and see and buy some Dutch food that I've been missing!

simeonvisser profile image

simeonvisser 4 years ago Author

@ante: I wouldn't know for sure, they may have it at the store mentioned in this article.

@Yvette: It's been a while that I've been to the store so I wouldn't know the actual opening hours. Perhaps you can find some contact information to ask them before visiting.

andrew 4 years ago

This is now know as the Windmill Convenience Store.

andrew 4 years ago

This is now know as the Windmill Convenience Store.

William 4 years ago

Good to know, i am planning of leaving the Netherlands and to live in Australia, Victoria Melton, I will make sure i'll visit the shop often !

Alan Flack 3 years ago

Visiting from South Australia (Whyalla) and have been there before, just had to locate the site again (my Wife is Dutch)

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