Southern Fried:)

This is an easy and very tasty casserole. It is a balanced meal. It includes meat and vegetable. But, I always add another vegetable such as squash or corn when I serve this. This is one of my "southern fried" recipes. Usually, it is Southerners who like cabbage. You should try it. It is vunderful! Every time I make this, my husband can't get enough. So, I don't make it often - kidding. I tell him if he is really good, I will make Lazy Man's Cabbage Casserole. That always gets some extra things done around the house without me asking twice!

I am trying to publish this wonderful recipe but hub keeps telling me not enough content. What else can I say about a recipe? I wonder if this is enough words:) Nope, tried to publish again. Well, gee, what do I talk about in this hub? Okay, try my recipe and give me some feedback. Let me know how much you liked it. By the way, I hope everyone has an awesome and blessed Christmas. Now, I will try to publish again??? I'm back. Hub says no. Well, if this does not do it, I may have to save this one til later. I have Christmas gifts to wrap. I love to share good recipes and this is one of them. I guess you all see by now that I like easy to prepare recipes. That is because I manage a website, several blogs, am raising my granddaughter and am a wife. Also, I have pets to take care of. So, easy is for me.

3 c. shredded cabbage
1 lb. ground beef
1 chopped onion
Salt and pepper to taste
Green pepper, optional
3 tbsp. raw rice
1 can tomato soup
1 can water

Mix all and place in a 9 x 13 casserole. Bake at 350 about 45 mins. to 1 hour. (I use Lipton Onion Soup Mix - 1 pack). That makes it tastier.

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scarytaff profile image

scarytaff 5 years ago from South Wales

Thanks for the recipe. Sounds good to me. To make your hubs longer, try adding a dessert or something else that's tasty. Just a thought.

Im The Nana profile image

Im The Nana 5 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thanks for the tip!

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