Eagle Boys Gluten FRIENDLY (NOT gluten free) pizzas?! [What a joke!]

Copy-Cat Eagle Boys {your "GLUTEN FRIENDLY" term stinks!}

Oh, I can see how THEY couldn't afford to miss out on capturing a niche market, after the move from Domino's Pizza (view my hub on Domino's Pizza)!!

Firstly, what is with the term "GLUTEN FRIENDLY"??? THIS sounds not only suspicious but completely twisted and distorted. There is no such thing as GLUTEN FRIENDLY! But because I am nice, I let you explain: "We use the term gluten friendly, as we feel that the pizza does not qualify for Gluten Free labelling. This is due to the risk of Cross Contamination". Oh well, at least they're possibly not BREAKING THE LAW quite like Domino's Pizza [ED: They are clearly breaking the laws surrounding claims in relation to the gluten content of foods as outlined in Standard 1.2.8 (gluten friendly is therefore an illegal label in Australia and New Zealand!)]

but just mentioning the term GLUTEN at all (in relation to it being suitable for customers with coeliac disease/gluten intolerance) is misleading and deceptive!

There is a simple strategy, Eagle Boys, and that is to stop labelling your pizzas as such. And stop with labelling your toppings as GF (MOST coeliacs will think this stands for GLUTEN FREE when in fact it represents the retarded status of "GLUTEN FRIENDLY").

I'm so sick of these promotions. This is only the second of many more pizza outlets and already I am furious.

BTW, Eagle Boys Bases are not endorsed by the Coeliac Society of Australia (CSoA) (or not that I know of, anyway - correct me if I'm wrong). But that's not the point. Despite which they have the largest variety of GF toppings of any Pizza chain/franchise in Australia. Still, not all of them are gluten free. This means that there is still the risk of CROSS-CONTAMINATION. It also means that staff are even LESS likely to be careful when topping GF pizzas.

And last but NOT least, who made up the term Gluten Friendly?? Was it those idiots from Pizza Capers (a Brisbane-Queensland based business around different parts of the state) or did it emerge from our fickle, deceptive and hypocritical Coeliac Society of Australia (which I am totally AGAINST)! No answers yet......

[EDITED TO ADD: I have spoken with the ACCC and the Coeliac Society of Australia and am able to report that the 'GLUTEN FRIENDLY' term did NOT emerge from the Coeliac Society. It is most likely a made-up term that is currently being used by businesses ILLEGALLY!]

Gluten Friendly Base

Looks tempting, doesn't it....  I urge you not to fall for it though!!
Looks tempting, doesn't it.... I urge you not to fall for it though!!

Video (created by infonolan)

I hear their gluten friendly bases taste like absolute CRAP! They seriously need to stop mentioning the word gluten UNLESS they can ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY and THOROUGHLY GUARANTEE their pizzas to be GLUTEN FREE!! They could call it the "Hardcore Base" or something groovy rather than the lame "GLUTEN FRIENDLY" base, as I feel it is not only deceptive, but also insulting toward Coeliacs (like me) who make such an effort to avoid gluten from coming in my diet!

ADDED 29 JUL 2010: They are exploiting a niche market of stupid individuals who adopt gluten free diets out of choice. Why would one do this?

ADDED 14 NOV 2010: It has come to my attention that the 'gluten free' term is blatantly used to describe the pizza as such on the Eagle Boys Pizza website order portal.  Due to this, I have created a video (shown above) to illustrate this issue surrounding illegal labelling more clearly.

Much remains unknown at this point in time, but I am on a mission to find out! Leave your views and bring some knowledge to this hub! For I know little about the Gluten Friendly term and I think it absolutely STINKS that Eagle Boys is treating us coeliacs like we're a chunk out of the market to satisfy!

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infonolan profile image

infonolan 6 years ago from Australia Author

Posts are available again. Please note my user name has changed to infonolan. They were removed for 40 hours due to spam.

Alice 6 years ago

Couldn't agree more. What a joke! Eagle Boys should bury their heads in shame!

Anon 6 years ago


DIdi 6 years ago

How excited when a friend told me about the G/F pizzas at Eagle Boys. She bought one around today and we had it for lunch and about half hour after I started to feel lousy and bought it all back up as I do if I eat gluten. I am Celiac. Found this site and was very annoyed so thought I would tell of my experience.

Sammy 5 years ago

OMG get over yourselves. If you think there could be cross contamination then don't order! A business I know introduced gluten free pizza and pasta as the owner was approached many times by people wanting that option on the menu. You are charged more because the cost triples! Atleast gluten intolerant customers do have a choice now rather than a few years back where there was absolutely nothing. Businesses are doing the right thing and advertising the fact it may contain traces of gluten but all you lot are doing is complaining!!!! Stay at home make your own gluten free food and just don't go out if it's the way you feel.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Sammy, I don't have a problem with staying at home and making my own gluten free foods. My issue here is that Eagle Boys is misleading coeliac consumers by their 'gluten friendly' label. Only recently (since making this post) did I actually discover that the 'gluten "friendly"' term is in fact, ILLEGAL to use in Australia. I acknowledge the oversight and have have just edited my hub to clarify legal matters surrounding their 'claims'.

Decision Point profile image

Decision Point 5 years ago from U.S.

There are some companies who truly understand the need to create food products that meet the unique dietary restrictions of their customers. Unfortunately not all of these companies are truthful in their advertising.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

And that is exactly where the problem is! By law, you cannot declare an item as 'gluten friendly' in Australia. Not allowed. Illegal.

Jenny 5 years ago

I am a bit upset that you have labelled me as being "a niche market of stupid individuals who adopt gluten free diets out of choice."

I suffer from IBS and found that by following a wheat free diet has improved my symptons, not only wheat but also potato, corn, dairy and many more.

So yes by choice I follow this wheat free diet as doctors have no idea which foods IBS suffers should avoid.....It's all trial and error.

Back to the point of this thread, I agree that advertising gluten free or gluten friendly and then also having a disclaimer that cross contamination can happen is worng. Your food is either gluten free or not. Just steer clear and make your own pizza at home like I do.

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Thanks for your input, Jenny. I'm really sorry for describing you in this way. Perhaps I should quickly explain the meaning behind the following excerpt: "...a niche market of stupid individuals who adopt gluten free diets out of choice."

In this statement I was mainly referring to those who adopt a 'faddish' gluten free diet. These are individuals who believe that going gluten free for a week or so will help them look 'cool' or 'lose weight'. These individuals carry a great burden on our gluten free society today as often misunderstandings have been developed between restaurants and everyday society as a result of these types of 'gluten free' approaches.

Perhaps I should refer you to an article written on 'measuring your gluten free status'. It is entitled "HOW GLUTEN FREE ARE YOU?" Here is the link: http://hubpages.com/food/How-Gluten-Free-Are-You

Keira 5 years ago

Hi, I have done my own research into this. Did you know that to use the term Gluten Friendly in food advertising you must be endorsed by the Coeliac Society. To get this, you only have to pay them money? And what is worse, I heard they have an exclusive arrangement with dominos pizza for the pizza industry. So if dominos have an exclusive arrangement, how can other companies like Eagle Boys and pizza capers get endorsed? It seems to me the whole thing stinks. I think the society and dominos are the ones doing shameful things if this story is true. It seems peoples health is up for sale if the story is true. If somebody is seriously hurt or dies, can they be sued?

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Keira, the ACCC confirmed with me that the 'gluten friendly' term is illegal, along with the coeliac society. It wouldn't surprise me though if they do in fact have an exclusive arrangement with Domino's Pizza for the Pizza Industry. To me, it sounded as though the gluten free pizza bases in Australia (supplied by Julian's) are NOT endorsed by the Coeliac Society and since Domino's Pizza wished to carry the Coeliac Society endorsement and were willing to pay for this, the CSoA I guess would have been more than happy to advertise their status with such a large company.

There is also the fact that (had you seen the list of endorsed food products this time last year) Domino's pizza was certified as a gluten free business. Thankfully the Coeliac Society quickly acknowledged this oversight and did something to remedy the situation. Their endorsement policy states that restaurants and food service outlets cannot be endorsed, yet this did not apply to Domino's Pizza for some pathetic reason.

Domino's Pizza could very well be sued for this, however I have absolutely no intention to do this whatsoever. My purpose here is to highlight 'gluten' labelling laws within the country. Another post of mine you might find of interest, explains some of the Coeliac Society's intentions with regard to changing the gluten free labelling laws. It's a must-read: http://hubpages.com/food/Against-The-Coeliac-Socie...

Thank you for commenting.

Anon 5 years ago

wish i had this much spare time to whinge about something so irrelevant to everyday life... gotta go, carry on the crusade my genetically inferior warrior!

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

Anon, I'm not whinging. I'm stating something that is relevant and true. It is against Australia's food labelling practices and laws to label a food item as 'gluten friendly'.

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Nice hub,which is well shared.thanks for sharing your view.

pizzaman 5 years ago

just to let you know .. eagle boys changed the name from gluten friendly to gluten free .. and the reason that all pizza stores that sell "gluten free" products say that they cannot guarantee they will be 100% free from gluten is because when they make "fresh" dough as soon as it starts to mix flour goes into the air .. and can fall onto a pizza base , and there isn't much they can do about it. i have worked in the pizza industry a long time and there is some staff that let the companies down and it is sad to see, but although you dont think so they do try there best to offer "gluten free" options.

and if you have such a problem with there "illegal" advertising sue them.


infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

pizzaman, "as soon as it starts to mix flour goes into the air .."

This sounds like total laziness and negligence on the pizza shop's part. Surely someone could use a cover on the mixing bowl, and keep their shop cleaner and tidier with a bit of thought.

As for suing, I do not intend on taking anyone to court over such a matter. I believe that exposing businesses for their illegal gluten free advertising is far more effective in raising awareness amongst individuals (coeliacs, etc.).

Thank you for informing me about their change in 'gluten' labelling. About time I say!

Dom. 5 years ago

I work at dominoes. It goes like this and we tell every customer that buys a gluten free base this, every gluten free base is 100% gluten free base but while we change our gloves, cutting tools and handling techniques for every pizza through our process we cannot guarantee its gluten free by the end simply because in the oven a pizza next to it might heat to the point of popping etc. We take every precaution possible but its just not something that can be promised when you are making 4 pizzas a minute.

The Eagle 5 years ago

pizzaman, "as soon as it starts to mix flour goes into the air .."

This sounds like total laziness and negligence on the pizza shop's part. Surely someone could use a cover on the mixing bowl, and keep their shop cleaner and tidier with a bit of thought.

I own a pizza restaurant and work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. How dare you call us lazy. We sell gluten free bases. You are a complete idiot if you think you can completely remove any chance that no piece of equipment of ingredient will ever contact gluten. Its just like a bakery. Do you think there's no a speck of flour out of place in a bakery??

infonolan profile image

infonolan 5 years ago from Australia Author

I am very well aware of the concerns and I understand that preventing cross-contamination is not possible in such an environment. However, this post is not about any of that at all. It is about the fact that using the 'gluten friendly' term is fully prohibited and the 'gluten free' term must not be used unless satisfied in the FSANZ statement below:

Standard 1.2.8

Clause 16 Claims in relation to gluten content of food

(1) Claims in relation to the gluten content of food are prohibited unless expressly permitted by this Code.

(2) A claim to the effect that a food is gluten free must not be made in relation to a food unless the food contains –

--(a) no detectable gluten; and no –

-----(i) oats or their products; or

-----(ii) cereals containing gluten that have been malted, or their products.

(3) A claim to the effect that a food has a low gluten content must not be made in relation to a food unless the food contains no more than 20 mg gluten per 100 g of the food.

(4) A claim to the effect that a food contains gluten or is high in gluten may be made in relation to a food.

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