Quick and Easy Apple Recipes

Apple Sauce

  1. Slice several apples. Core and remove the skins if desired.

  2. Place apple slices in a large stock pot. Cover the bottom of the pot with water.
  3. Bring apples to a slow boil. Begin to stir in sugar to taste. (Tart apples may require more sugar.)
  4. Cook until all apple bits are soft and the sauce has formed.
  5. Serve and sprinkle with cinnamon.
    • Can be refrigerated or frozen.

Breakfast Apple Bake

  1. Cut up 3-4 sweet apples (more for smaller apples). Place in bottom of 8x8 baking dish coated with cooking spray.

  2. Open a can of Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls. Separate the rolls on a cutting board and cut each round into 4 pieces.
  3. Place the cinnamon roll cuts on top of the apples. Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15 minutes or until golden on top.
  4. Top with icing and serve warm.

The apples can be sprinkled with cinnamon before placing the rolls on top. You can add a few small pats of butter to the apples as well.

Fried Apples

  1. Warm a frying pan to medium heat with 2 tbsp butter.
  2. Place 3-4 sliced apples in the pan, with peels.
  3. Cook and stir until apples are soft and slightly browned.
  4. Sprinkle with sugar or cinnamon if desired. Serve warm.

Baked Apple

  1. Peel and core an apple.
  2. Place it one a baking sheet or in a small baking dish. A dish with deep sides will help to hold the toppings on the apple.
  3. Add a pat of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon to taste. Some extras to add can be raisins or walnuts.

  4. Bake at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes,depending on how soft or firm you want the apple to be.
  5. Allow to cool, and enjoy!

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Comments 10 comments

Whitney05 profile image

Whitney05 8 years ago from Georgia

This recipe sounds good. I never liked apple pies till last year. I'm still not sure what caused the change.

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 8 years ago from Tampa Author

Apple pie - what a tradition. My husband prefers Dutch apple pie (crumb topping is a must), and I have discovered a recipe for custard apple pie that has become my favorite! My mom also makes an applesauce pie that is mellow and comforting.

Zsuzsy Bee profile image

Zsuzsy Bee 8 years ago from Ontario/Canada

Kat07! My Mom called it apple compote when it was still chunky. When my kids were young we called it 'triple whammy apple sauce'. Each of us liked our apple sauce different. I like mine chuncky but no sugar, my daughters liked theirs smooth and sweet, and my son smooth,sweet with cinnamon. My trick is to use different types of apples. Gala or Granny Smith apples don't mush up too much but empire and ida apples totally 'mushify'. Loved your HUB

regards Zsuzsy

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 8 years ago from Tampa Author

Zsuzsy - I cook the Granny Smith apples until they do turn to mush!  (It takes a while, but totally worth it!!!)  There is nothing in the world like homemade apple sauce.

violet 7 years ago

hi my name is violet and i wanted to let you know i love apples and apple sauce is one of my faverits i use it with everything

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 7 years ago from Tampa Author

Applesauce is versatile! I should add my recipe for applesauce pie here . . . .

JenniferWilliam 5 years ago

An Apple a day keeps a doctor away. I love

fried apple because it is easy to cook.

Kat07 profile image

Kat07 5 years ago from Tampa Author

Jennifer, I love the fried apples too. Great because you can leave the peels on and they get soft in the pan. My mom makes them with a little bacon grease, it adds a punch of flavor!

LE_TACCO_MASTER 4 years ago

Well i Don't like potato in my apple but do you?

2patricias profile image

2patricias 4 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Nice to see some quick ways to cook apples. I love fried apples.

I am adding this to my Recipe Index for HubPages.

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