Easy Chicken Dinner for Two

Here is an easy, healthy, one-pan chicken dinner recipe for a delicious meal two of you can enjoy. This is your 5 o'clock, put something together, seriously just put it together, enjoy your wine while is baking and eat it meal.

Before it goes in the oven.  Here I have two chicken halves, but you can just use one half
Before it goes in the oven. Here I have two chicken halves, but you can just use one half

What you need

One-half chicken (enough for two people) or a whole chicken split in half.

Mrs. Dash original blend spice - I like Mrs. Dash spices, it is real spices without MSG or other unhealthy additives.

Olive oil, salt, lemon juice, paprika.

Vegetables of your choice, best for this meal would be sliced carrots, mushrooms and potatoes.

Glass baking pan big enough for your chicken and vegetables.

Preparation time 20 min.

Peel your potatoes, slice carrots, and place them in the baking pan, add salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash, add olive oil and stir so that vegetables and spices are mixed together well.

Rub chicken with salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash spice. Generously rub olive oil all over chicken, sprinkle a little bit of fresh lemon juice. If you cook the chicken with the skin, be sure to rub the spices under the skin.

Put chicken skin up on top of the vegetables.

Tip: You can prepare this in the morning, keep in the fridge and bake it for dinner. Your chicken will be even juicier.

Preheat your oven to 375F, and when ready place the meal uncovered in the oven to bake for 20 min.

Turn chicken skin side down, cover pan with aluminum foil, or fitted lid if you have one, to bake for another 20 min.

Uncover, turn chicken skin side up, sprinkle some paprika on top, gently stir vegetables a bit, cover back with foil and bake for another 20 min. Adding the paprika now will really add a nice flavor to the chicken.

Toss foil out, and bake chicken for 10 more min. uncovered.

The ready meal
The ready meal

Take chicken out of the oven, let it stay covered for 10 min. and enjoy with your favorite salad.

The picture on your right shows how the meal will look like after it's done.

I added green beans to this one. If you decide to add green beans or mushrooms make sure you add them about 30 min. before you get the chicken out as they cook faster.

Baked chicken with mushrooms
Baked chicken with mushrooms
Baked chicken with rice and vegetables dinner
Baked chicken with rice and vegetables dinner


If you don't like starchy vegetables such as potatoes, you can bake the chicken with the mushrooms only and serve with plain boiled rice and steamed vegetables on the side.

Simply follow the instructions above, and add whole baby portabella or crimini mushrooms that have previously been sprinkled with salt and black pepper.

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Sounds and looks good!

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That chicken looks good! Will have to try it.

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