Easy Homemade Lemonade

Homemade Lemonade (Children Friendly)

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When I can, I use organic lemons.Remove seeds.Filtered Water.Mix sugar into lemon juice, add filtered water, stir, refrigerate for 1 hour.
When I can, I use organic lemons.
When I can, I use organic lemons. | Source
Remove seeds.
Remove seeds. | Source
Filtered Water.
Filtered Water. | Source
Mix sugar into lemon juice, add filtered water, stir, refrigerate for 1 hour.
Mix sugar into lemon juice, add filtered water, stir, refrigerate for 1 hour. | Source

When Life Hands you Lemons...

Make Lemonade!

I find a lot of my friends are afraid to make Homemade Lemonade. When they bring their children over for a visit, I try to have lemons on hand to let the children show their parents how easy it is to make lemonade.

The thing I like the most is the smiles on their little faces when they know that they are One Up on their parents... after all, how often does that happen? If the children are under 5 years old, I help to cut the lemons for them. Sometimes a little too much sugar is spilled. I figure, that's all a part of growing up and as long as they don't make too much of a mess, I don't make a big deal about it. So the next time that life hands you lemons... make some lemonade with your kids.

Easy Homemade Lemonade Recipe:

6 Large Lemons

1 Cup Sugar

2 Quarts Filtered Water

Cut, Squeeze and remove seeds from the lemons. Put the lemon juice in a serving pitcher, add the sugar, stir till mixed. Add the water, chill for an hour and serve over ice.

Until we meet again... Francesca27

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profile image

annamaria123 5 years ago

Lemonade is always a summer favorite! Thanks!

beachbaby 5 years ago

I love this article! My mom always made homemade lemonade when I was a kid and I agree that no one seems to make it anymore. I'll be stocking up on some lemons this week!

WandasHomePlace profile image

WandasHomePlace 5 years ago

Simple yet fun. My kids will love doing this!

profile image

jbhearn95 5 years ago

Just like mom's. Thanks for reminding me about homemade lemonade.

cnocera profile image

cnocera 5 years ago from North of Boston

I love lemonade and new there was a way to make it that was not so complex

Thank you for the recipe.


Francesca27 profile image

Francesca27 5 years ago from Hub Page Author

Good. Now, make some and sit outside and relax a while. Take time to have a glass of lemonade and smell the roses.

profile image

NTR57 5 years ago

I like homemade lemonade. In fact, if you have any citrus trees that produce sour tasting fruit due to a freeze, these are perfect for lemonade.

chonett 5 years ago

This is far better for you than drinking all the chemicals

that's in soda, which is not healthy! Plus, homemade lemon-

ade is more refreshing. Thanks!

profile image

Kurt5777 5 years ago

Lemonade is a real treat for kids young and old

profile image

ajthesmeagol 5 years ago

I love lemonade, especially homemade

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