Easy Lasagna

The Final Product
The Final Product
Side View
Side View
Before the oven
Before the oven

Lasagna is a great meal for a family or for large groups. Singles need not despair as you can make a large lasagna and freeze remainders for lunches or other dinners when you cant be bothered cooking.

Many people believe that lasagna is a mystery dish that is difficult to cook.. but if you can cook spaghetti bolognese then Lasagna is a cinch.

The most important thing to remember is to have good quality pasta sheets on hand and to be patient with the bechamel sauce. I have no time for people who claim they "cant" make a white sauce. It is sooo easy and so much more delicious than a packet!!

So here we go:


Bechamel sauce:

2 tablespoons of butter

4 heaped tablespoons of plain flour

600 ml milk

200g of grated cheese

Meat sauce:

500g minced meat (beef, pork, chicken)

1 onion

1 clove of garlic

250g mushroom

1 capsicum

2 tins of tomatoes

5 tablespoons of tomato paste

1 tablespoon of stock powder (or to taste)

3 tablespoons of fresh herbs- basil, oregano

Pepper to taste

Pasta sheets


Meat sauce

1. Fry off the meat drain off liquid if particularly fatty- then add onion and garlic

2. If the meat is lean cook meat with chopped onion and garlic

3. Add chopped capsicum and chopped mushrooms continue to stir until cooked

4. Add tinned tomatoes and tomato paste and herbs

5. Continue to cook for at least 30 mins to allow the flavours to meld

Bechamel sauce:

while the meat sauce is cooking you can make this sauce:

1. Melt the butter and then add the flour add to cook off for a few minutes

2. Slowly add the milk stirring with a whisk to avoid lumps.

3. When the sauce has thickened add the grated cheese, stir until cheese is melted into the sauce.

you are now ready for assembly:

1. In a large rectangular dish add half of the meat mixture and spread evenly

2. Place the pasta sheet over the meat in the dish

3. Add the rest of the meat and smooth out

4. Add another pasta level

5. After adding an egg to the bechamel sauce which has been slightly cooled pour the sauce onto the pasta

6. Sprinkle with parmesan and bread crumbs

7. Put into a 180 degree Celsius oven for 40 minutes


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