Easy Oven-Baked Family Meals

These recipes that I will pass on to you are good wholesome meals in themselves, they were passed to me from my mother and her mother before. They are great favourites in our family , very rarely is a pudding required after.

Cottage or Shepherds Pie.  beef for cottage and lamb for shepherds

For two people you will need:   8oz minced meat   -   1 large onion  -  half a    pint of gravy   -  2lb potatoes  -  some grated cheese to taste  - and 1 tomato sliced.

First fry your mince and onions until cooked but not burnt . Add your gravy and simmer for about 20 minutes. 

Whilst your meat and onions are simmering ,peel and boil your potatoes until soft ,then mash them until creamy . You could add a little butter and seasoning if you wish.

Put your mince mixture into an oven-proof dish and allow to cool. When cool spoon over your mashed potato making sure that meat is sealed, much like a pie crust.  Sprinkle your grated cheese over the potato and decorate with tomato slices

Bake in the oven 150 c for 30 mins or until cheese is melted and golden brown.   Enjoy served with veg of your choice.

Under Roast.

Not a fancy name for this tasty dish and again ingredients for two people:-

Braising Steak is the best I have found..depends on your appetite how much.    One large onion - gravy again about a pint ,enough so that it covers all your meat and sliced onion  -  potatoes again enough to satisfy appetite  -  suet ,flour and a little salt.

How to:- Slice your braising steak into medallion size pieces and place in your oven-proof dish along with your sliced onions and gravy to cover. Peel and cut your potatoes in 4 and place in your dish..season over with salt and pepper .

Cook in your oven 180c for approx 1hr after about an hour place a second dish ,with a drizzle of cooking oil into your oven to heat.

Make up a suet pudding mix 1cup suet to 2 cups SR flour and a little salt. Remove oil from oven and put suet mixture in. Cook both dishes for a further 20-25 mins and serve . I serve mine with garden peas but you choose..Enjoy.

I hope that these two recipes will wet your appetite and you give them a go, my family loves them as I am sure yours will too.


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Comments 18 comments

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 7 years ago from East Coast, United States

i've always loved the idea of shepherds pie but can't stand the thought of eating lamb, so ground beef is cottage pie, must try , sounds yummy

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

I tell you it's very filling, just make sure the gravy is thick, it will definately warm the cockles of your heart.

DarleneMarie profile image

DarleneMarie 7 years ago from USA

Both recipes sound great! Thanks for answering my request!

mandybeau profile image

mandybeau 7 years ago

This sounds like the one our family used to cook, My great/grandmother came from Cornwall, she had no accent. It is brilliant in winter. So I will be making it again.



Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

No problem DarleneMarie glad you enjoyed them. I was going to do a cornish pasty 'but I think that deserves a hub all by itself. So, keep a look out.

Hi Mandybeau, We Cornish don't half get around, dun us! Seriously they are great meals and easy to make.

Lgali profile image

Lgali 7 years ago

I love the idea of shepherds pie thanks for this very useful info

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

No problem Lgali, try it you will enjoy

mandybeau profile image

mandybeau 7 years ago

I looked up your Hub just to read the Hubs, and although I have written down the recipe for the under Roast, I looked at the Hub and being partially dyslexic lol, today I read that Hub as Easy Over Baked Meals, duhhhh



Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Well thanks a lot ,Mandy..Easy Over BAKED....I have created a few of those in my time also. My rice pudding ,so easy , yet easier to get it wrong too.lol

Mighty Mom profile image

Mighty Mom 7 years ago from Where Left is Right, CA

Yummy! I did not know that shepherd's pie made with beef is cottage pie. I've always thought shepherd's pie was with ground beef. But being a lamb lover, I would be more than happy either way!

Thanks for a practical hub. It's neat to share recipes from around the world! MM

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Thanks Mighty Mom, many make the same mistake, try the lamb , it's really tasty, try a few chopped mint leaves in with your meat.

blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

Great recipes, I love coming where the food is lol

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 7 years ago from Cornwall Author

Thanks for popping in bp, if you like food have you seen the hubs by oscarmecp4, loads of recipes there, keep coming to mine though will be adding more. lol

frogyfish profile image

frogyfish 6 years ago from Central United States of America

Delicious. And the tomato on top is something new - and sounds yummy too. You made so easy to bake deliciously!

oliversmum profile image

oliversmum 6 years ago from australia

Hawkesdream. Hi. Both these recipes sound delicious and easy to make.

My family love Beef and Lamb so will try them both.

Thank you for sharing these great recipes with us. :) :)

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 6 years ago from Cornwall Author

Hi Frogyfish, sorry I have taken so long to respond .. hope you enjoy

Oliversmum, Please come back and let me know if your family enjoyed these dishes.

Randy Behavior profile image

Randy Behavior 5 years ago from Near the Ocean

Not sure where I can find suet. Its rendered animal fat right?

Hawkesdream profile image

Hawkesdream 5 years ago from Cornwall Author

It is, though it is possible to get a vegetarian suet also.

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