Easy Tiramisu

For Christmas this year, I had to make the desert. It's hot in Australia, so the menu is quite often a little more lighter than the "traditional roast meal", seafood on the BBQ is very popular with lots of salads and cool drinks. So this year, I made my Strawberry Layered Cheesecake, but I had some extra ingredients in the fridge and decided to make an extra desert to take along (who would say no to that?!) So here is my very simple and very tasty Tiramisu.

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  • 100 grams of Dark Chocolate
  • 100 grams of Caster Sugar
  • 3 Egg Yolks
  • 200 grams of Mascarpone
  • 1 x 250 gram packet of Savioardi (sponge finger/lady finger biscuits)
  • 1 cup of Espresso Coffee
  • 1 x 1.5 litre Bowl/Cake Tin etc...


Make the espresso coffee and set aside to cool in a shallow dish. I must insist that it is good, freshly ground coffee that is freshly brewed, please try not to use granulated/instant coffee, but it will do fine if that's all you have on hand. You can use a stove top espresso (moka pot) maker or if you have a nice cappuccino machine that may be better.

Whisk the sugar and egg yolks together until they form a smooth yellow mixture. Now fold in the Mascarpone, and whisk again until smooth...now have a little taste, it's delicious!

Open the packet of savioardi and dip into the coffee, give it only a quick dip and flip as they soak up liquid very easily, and line the bottom of your tin, glass bowl or whatever receptacle you choose to use, you may want to make individual serves in tall glasses.

Layer 1/3 of the Mascarpone mix over the savioardi and then repeat the process 2 more times until 3 layers are achieved.

Grate the dark chocolate over the top and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight.

Now indulge yourself.

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aboutaustralia profile image

aboutaustralia 5 years ago from Newcastle, New South Wales

I'm drooling! lol That sounds absolutely delicious. I imagine it didn't last long on the Christmas table :)

InTuneWithCooking profile image

InTuneWithCooking 5 years ago from Australia Author

No, you're right aboutaustralia! It didn't last long at all, and I got asked for the recipe, which is why I wrote it out here. Thanks for stopping by.

wonderingwoolley profile image

wonderingwoolley 5 years ago from Madison, WI

MMM I love tiramisu, but I've always been too intimidated to try to make it myself, prefering the restaurant version to whatever disaster I might cook up. This recipe sounds easy enough that I might actually give it a try! Thanks for sharing!

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