5 Ways You Can Eat For Free

 There are many different ways to eat for free. It will not be what you are use to eating and you most likely have to lower your standards and pride. Dumpster diving is a good way to eat for free. Grocery stores throw away outdated food all of the time. Most of this is still edible, and if you are lucky, you might even get some ice cream. Be careful digging in  the dumpsters, and always clean your finds with hot water. Cook all foods that you find well done. Many cities have passed ordinances against dumpster diving, so check your local laws first.

Get yourself hired as a busboy at your local restaurant.There is much uneaten food that is left on customer's plates. You can smuggle home steaks, fish, burgers, and a variety of other items. After you get this food home, you can make stews, soups, or just eat it as is. The same thing goes for fast food restaurants. Get a job at one working the late shift. At the end of the night, volunteer to take all the left over food to the dumpster. Instead of going to the dumpster, dump the food in your car for a ride home.

Being a beggar is also a good way to eat for free. Beg for change at shopping malls, airports, bars, and even at restaurants. You might collect enough to eat several times a day, with money left over. You will need a good sob story to increase your earnings. Most people have troubles of there own and can relate to the position you are in, leading them perhaps to be more generous.

Another way to eat for free is to capture insects, lizards, and rodents. Insects are full of protein and you probably eat them on a daily basis anyway. When crops are harvested, they still have many insect parts in them when they reach your table. If we eat these things without knowing what we are eating, we most likely would like the taste of most of it. You can supplement your protein diet with edible wild plants. Before you begin eating plants at random, buy a book or two on edible wild plants. Learn to identify them first and always start with small portions to get your stomach use to a diet change. If you are in any doubt about a plant, do not eat it. I would recommend not eating wild mushrooms, unless you know for certain what you have is not poisonous.

Eating at a mission or soup kitchen is another way to eat for free. Churches, the Salvation Army, and your local SWAN are good sources of free food. Don't forget to look for weddings, family reunions, and neighborhood cookouts. One more guest is never noticed.

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billericky profile image

billericky 6 years ago from Manchester

Excellent, been there and done some of these a few times. Have shown the kids this and cannot repeat what they said, for some reason, feeding from the bottom of a skip does not appeal to them.....yet

Lita C. Malicdem profile image

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

I only go to eat-all-you-can restaurants- for a wholesome sum, of course! But if ever there are these places in my country where one can eat for free, the poor and underprivileged will greatly benefit from them. They are certainly clean and still fit for human consumption. The poor will at least rise up from being scavengers of our smokey mountains where garbage are dumped, or from rummaging into garbage cans.

kennynext profile image

kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere Author

Thank you Billericky. Once you have to eat from the free places, it makes you appreciate everything you have in life.

kennynext profile image

kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere Author

Thanks Lita. You have a great country and the people there are fantastic. Being poor and without food is also hard on a person's self esteem. To all the unfortunate people in the world, being poor are disabled does not make you inferior, it is just the situation people are put in. Learning to be happy with what they have makes them better people.

cerey_runyon profile image

cerey_runyon 6 years ago from Galax Virginia

This is good..

kennynext profile image

kennynext 6 years ago from Everywhere Author

Thanks. Dumpster diving can find you other things also. If you had a job as a trash collector, you could take home unknown treasures.

nakhit_x profile image

nakhit_x 5 years ago from Bahrain

working in a hotel is also a good way to get free food and the higher the stars the better the food :)

kennynext profile image

kennynext 5 years ago from Everywhere Author

Thanks nakhit_x. This is one I never thought of. I'm sure there are many things can can be added to the list. Thanks for reading and the comment. Have a great week-end.

wytegarillaz profile image

wytegarillaz 5 years ago from Australia

I used to take home a lot of chinese food after work & my daughter when working at KFC on the late shift brought tons of it home !In NZ we used to go get cockles/pippies & we love fishing !

kennynext profile image

kennynext 5 years ago from Everywhere Author

Thanks wytegarillaz. Anytime that you can eat for free saves money for elsewhere. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

girishpuri profile image

girishpuri 4 years ago from NCR , INDIA

Kenny, thanks now i am not scared with my employer.....lol

kennynext profile image

kennynext 4 years ago from Everywhere Author

ty girishpuri. maybe the best way to eat for free is to be a food taster for a king or queen.

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