Eating Organic Food is Good for Health

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Eating Organic Food is Good for Health

Eating Organic Food is Good for Health
Eating Organic Food is Good for Health | Source

Eating Organic Food is Good for Health

Sresta Natural Bioproducts, shortly called as Sresta, is a Hyderabad-based privately held company. It is one of the main players in India in organic food products. Organic foods have become a fad with consumers of late all over the world. What is an organic food? Food in the old and golden days was naturally produced. That is, no artificial fertilizers, manures, pesticides, insecticides and other forms of chemicals were applied to cultivation. Only natural manures which were biodegradable were used in agricultural fields. The result was that almost pure food was produced without any contamination of chemicals. Those who consumed this food lived a happy and healthy life without any side effects or major organ failure.

But as world population started rising, there was pressure on the yield of crops. Production of foodgrains and other crops proved insufficient to feed the growing population of the world. In the sixties and seventies, the focus of the governments and farmers centred on increasing the yield on crops. For this, they applied artificial fertilizers, manures, pesticides and other chemicals on a mass scale and increased the yield. Though yield increased, there were concerns expressed by the environmentalists and nutritionists that the food that was produced by using chemicals was contaminated and could produce side effects in the body. But this warning was by and large ignored by the people and the governments. Green revolution went on and all the people could get foodgrains at reasonable prices.

But the demand for organic foods started increasing in the nineties. There was demand from a section of the people who are well aware of the health hazards of eating the contaminated food to produce more organic food. In India also such a demand has been growing. Companies like Sresta are capitalising on this demand. Sresta is marketing and selling over 800 organic food products under its brand 24 Letter Mantra. Recently it conducted a campaign styled as ‘Freedom from pesticides’, which focussed on the ill effects of pesticides produced food. Customers were offered exchange offer of 24 Letter Mantra atta or rice packs for any contaminated food they brought from their homes for any quantity. The campaign stated the high level of pesticide residue contaminated that people eat every day could have disastrous consequences like kidney failure.

Organic farming and production organic foods synchronise with the nature. Nature or God created organic food for consumption by all human beings and other animals. Only man started tampering with this natural mechanism for the last fifty years and paying a high price for it in the form of environmental pollution and health hazards. Organic farming practices are ever sustainable supported by nature. They help in restoration of purity of soil and prevent soil degradation. They enhance soil aeration and increase water retention capacity of the soil. Ultimately, organic farming ensures the good health of the consumers of organic foods. One can compromise with anything in the world, but not one’s health.

Adulteration in food, contamination of pesticide residue, unhealthy storage practices, genetic engineering and usage of preservatives to prevent food getting rotten – all these practices in the modern world spoil the quality and taste of the food besides causing innumerable health hazards. Sresta employs more than 10000 farmers in producing different organic food in more than ten states in India spread over more than 30000 acres. Sresta wants to expand its operations to cover more than one lakh farmers. Sresta trains the farmers in converting the existing soil from conventional modern day pest contaminated one to organic. Farmers get better returns for their produce as compared to the conventional modern day farming.

Sresta’s 24 Letter Mantra range of organic food is available in all the major cities in India in departmental stores like Hypercity (Shoppers Stop), Spencer’s, More, Tata-Tesco Star Bazaar, SPAR, Wal-Mart and Food Bazaar. There are more than four hundred healthy organic products to choose for the customers shopping in these departmental stores.

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R Chandrasekaran 4 years ago

This is a good article.We shall start looking for the 24 letter mantra brand organic food.

ramkimeena profile image

ramkimeena 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you for the comments. Best wishes for a healthy and wealthy life

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