Egg and bacon sandwich

Breakfast Treat – Savoury bacon and egg Sandwich

This one might not be gourmet but it is tasty and filling and fairly healthy as well. And it’s easy and quick to do if you have everything lined up ahead of time. Again, you only need the handy frypan and fish slice or spatula. Or you can use a baking pan (a big one, like a roasting dish is best) instead of the frypan. If you are cooking on an Aga, you can use just a sheet of bacoglide (the non-stick sheet) on an element on the top and you won’t need any cooking oil – even healthier! Also good for brunch.



Bacon (I like two rashers but there’s no rule) - any kind

Egg (one per sandwich)

One small onion for two sandwiches (or half/quarter of a bigger one) sliced – keep in rings or chop in bits as you like. It’s easier to cook rings.

Frying oil (I use sunflower, safflower or peanut/groundnut as having fewer calories and junk)

Brown sauce (or ketchup if you prefer)

Slices of bread (I use wholegrain)

Make sure everything is thawed, you’ll spoil the experience if the sliced bread is still frozen.



Fry or bake or grill the bacon and the onions first

Frying: put a bit of the frying oil in the pan so it covers the bottom of the pan but no deeper than an eighth of an inch. Get it hot so you can see a tiny rippling in the oil (not smoking and keep an eye on it, very hot oil left alone has a nasty habit of bursting into flame). If you throw in a bit of onion and it sizzles, you’ve got it right. Put the bacon and the onion in the pan. It will sizzle a bit. If it goes mad, turn the heat down a bit. If you are smelling bacon (and onion), good.

Baking: you can use a lot less oil, it takes a bit longer. Put a little oil on the bottom. It helps with cleaning the pan if you use a non-stick baking sheet or a sheet of foil. Put the pan in the oven to warm up. Put the bacon in the pan and into the oven again. I would keep it at the top but you’re only using the baking heat (say about 320-360F.) not the grill.

Grilling: you don’t need the oil, but you’ve got more cleaning to do and you’ll still have to either fry or bake the onions. Put the bacon in the grill pan (on the rack inside the pan if that’s what you’ve got) and under the grill element. Keep an eye on it, it could go black very quickly.

It’s done when: if you can smell cooked bacon (not burnt) then it’s probably done. I like little brown patches because it’s more tasty, but each to their own. If you like it burnt and crunchy then do it that way. Same thing for the onions. When the bacon is done, the onions will be done (if you put them in together at the beginning). Now keep this warm while you do the eggs.

runny egg and flat egg

doing the eggs

You can bake eggs – use the same method as for the bacon, but watch carefully – eggs take a very few minutes – (2 – 5 minutes depending on the heat of the oven, the pan and a few other things.)

Frying eggs – same as for bacon – a bit of oil (eggs like a bit more oil than bacon needs) and break the egg into the pan. Make a decision – a flat egg or a runny one in the sandwich? Both taste good. The runny version is the messy one and not to be used if you have your favourite shirt or blouse on.

Flat – break the yolk when you put it in the pan and let it run around a bit like the one on the right in the picture.

Runny – don’t break the yolk.

In both cases I usually flip it over for a little before lifting it out, to make sure the top of the egg is cooked properly.




1. Bread

2. Sauce dribbled over one slice of bread per sandwich

3. Onion

4. Bacon – chopped into bitesize pieces so you don’t pull the sandwich apart at the first bite.

5. Egg

6. Bread

You will notice (perhaps) no butter on the bread. It’s up to you. If you’re frying I suggest no butter, you’ve got enough grease to make it tasty.




1. Without onions. If you’re not into onions for breakfast, leave them out.

2. Just bacon. This one is particularly nice with very fresh white bread and a little butter as well as some brown sauce.

3. Just egg. You might still want the sauce or ketchup. Also yummy with fresh soft white bread and butter.

4. Hot sausage instead of bacon. Cook it the same way but sausages will need longer cooking than bacon does. Cook them, then cut in half lengthways for the sandwich. Don't burn your fingers.

5. Scrambled eggs instead of fried/baked. I have seen it done for a sandwich/roll but it doesn’t excite me, I’d rather toast the bread and put the scrambled egg on that, which is a whole other dish.

6. Poached eggs: Not feasible for 'flat eggs' but works fine and is a healthy option if you like runny egg in your sandwich



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