English muffin recipie

When I moved to Asia I didn't spare a thought for what I would miss. I miss the strangest things. English muffins are one of the things that I miss then I bought the magazine "flavours" and I saw this recipe. I made it and now I don't miss English muffins!! I then was scouting through a book shop and found the book "Bread" by Daniel Stevens which is a River Cottage Handbook number three. I made this recipe and it was fantastic... I was sooo impressed that I felt compelled to share it with you.


500g high protein flour

5g of yeast

10g of sea salt

325 ml warm water

Drizzle of edible oil



1. Mix the ingredients together either by hand or with a mixer until smooth and elastic

2. Allow to prove until doubled in size

3.Shape into 9 balls and then flatten. Coat in polenta.

4.Allow to double in size and then cook on a heavy based pan (I put the lid on). cook until firm about 7 Min's on each side.

5.Serve with butter and Jam or Honey... mmm very yummy


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Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Useful hubs, thanks for sharing.

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