Equipment Hire

Try Hiring Instead of Buying

Many tools required for repair and maintenance can be hired from a plant-hire company. When a piece of equipment will only be used at infrequent intervals and its purchase price is high - a cement mixer, for instance - hiring will enable the handyman to carry out the work without professional assistance.

Plant-hire companies hire by the day, the week or, at a negotiable rate, for longer periods. A deposit, usually cash, is held by the hire company until the hired goods are returned undamaged.

Many companies will pick up and deliver heavy equipment. In some cases the hire company may sell used equipment.

The tools and equipment on this page are the items more frequently used by the handyman, but this is by no means a complete list of equipment that is available for hire.

Used for
Air compressor
For air-powered equipment - large spray painting outfits, air hammers, grinders etc.
Air needle gun
For descaling steel or removing paint from bricks or concrete. Requires an air compressor.
Block and tackle
For lifting or moving heavy equipment or furniture.
For paint stripping and heavy-duty soldering. Kerosene powered blowlamps have been replaced by LP gas blowlamps.
Bolt cutter
For cutting steel bars or rods. Can be used for removing a pad lock that is rusted shut or one whose key has been lost.
Carpet shampooer
Large commercial models, slightly larger than a household vacuum cleaner, can greatly reduce the cost of having a carpet cleaned.
Can be used as temporary accommodation on a building site.
Cars, utilities and light trucks
A car driver's license will allow you to drive a hired car or utility, but check with the hiring company before hiring a truck.
Chain saw
A powered saw suitable for lopping or trimming trees. May be used for rough cutting timber. Check with local council before cutting down trees; it is illegal in some areas.
Motor-driven rammer for leveling or compressing stones, gravel or earth.
Concrete mixers
Many sizes are available, from hand-operated to large capacity powered models. Assess the amount of work to be carried out and inform the hiring company. Do not hire an unnecessarily large mixer.
Concrete troweling machine
For finishing large areas of concrete.
Plastic or cloth covers for furniture or equipment when painting and decorating.
Drain snakes
A hand, electric or engine powered flexible shaft for clearing blockages in drains. It is illegal to work on any plumbing connected to the sewerage system. Check with local council if in doubt.
Electric power tools
Power drills may be hired. Specialist tools, usually too expensive for occasional use, such as routers, planers and saws may also be hired.
Electric screwdriver
For putting in large numbers of screws- when renewing a corrugated roof for instance.
Extension leads
For lengths in excess of 100 feet, which will probably only be used once, hiring is much cheaper than buying.
Fibro cutters
A specialist tool for neat cutting of fibrous plaster boards.
Floor cramps
Cramps used for placement and tensioning of floor boards.
Many different sizes are available for supplying electricity away from the mains, or when an extension lead is impractical. Generators must not be overloaded; carefully assess power requirements before hiring.
Large kerosene or gas space heaters. For drying or heating outdoors.
Hedge trimmers
Many sizes, from handheld, electrically - powered to tractor- mounted are available.
Impact hammers
Usually known as Kango hammers- a smaller electrically powered version of the air-powered jack hammer. Used for breaking stone or concrete.
Heavy-duty automotive jacks and car stands are available as well as floor jacks. Floor jacks are used when renewing a floor.
Knapsack spray
Used for watering when normal water supply is not available, large-scale insecticide application or fire fighting. Inform hiring company of proposed use.
A wide variety of sizes are available.
Domestic and larger industrial models are available, also many other lawn ca re implements. Useful if your own machine is being repaired.
Lawn aerators
For pricking the surface of the soil before top dressing the lawn.
Electric (perhaps in conjunction with a generator) or LP gas: powered for internal or external lighting. Barbecues, picnics or unpowered work site.
Reduce garden refuse to chips which can be used for mulch or compost or more easily carted away.
Nailing guns
Hand or air-powered. Air-powered models will require a compressor. For nailing where large numbers of nails are to be used.
Pipe benders
Models are available for many different sizes and types of pipe or tubing .
Pipe cutters
For cutting many sizes of pipe. Assess requirements and inform the hiring company.
Pipe threaders
For cutting the thread on pipework frames.
Manual and air-powered. For repetitive riveting jobs. Air-powered models will require a compressor.
Post hole digger
Manual, powered and tractor-mounted models are available. Assess extent of your requirements before hiring.
Power-operated pumps are available for pumping air or liquids.
Can be used for lawn rolling or for finishing a newly renovated or installed driveway.
Roof racks
Many sizes are available. Only recommended for occasional applications as repeated hiring may eventually cost as much as purchase.
Rotary hoes
For tilling larger areas of soil. for leveling, planting or before laying a lawn.
Disc, drum and belt models are available for preparing a floor, as well as orbital models for a finer finish in constructional work.
May be placed under heavy equipment or furniture when it has to be moved.
Spray painting outfits
High or low pressure models for painting a car or a house. Very much quicker than brush or roller painting.
Staple guns
Manual or powered models can be used for attaching lightweight board or plywood.
Steam cleaners
Can be used to remove grease or dirt from machinery, car engines, metal, and in some cases timber house exteriors.
Tents and marquees
For outside work in bad weather.
For accurate surveying when laying garden drains or driveways.
Tile elevator
For carrying large quantities of tiles on to a roof when re-tiling.
An extensive range of specialist hand tools are available. Many automotive tools are used too infrequently to justify purchase and may be hired.
Tree pullers
Winches to pull out trees or tree stumps. Check with local council before pulling down a tree. Permission may be needed.
Box, boat or removalist's trailers can be hired.
For painting high walls, ceilings or house exteriors.
Two-way radios
Can be used when an assistant is not easily contacted, as when tiling a roof. They do not require a radio operator's license.
Vacuum cleaners
Industrial units for cleaning attics, etc. Welders Both gas and electric are available. Gas welding is not recommended without professional tuition. Observe the safety requirements.
Many sizes available.

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