What Do Your Food Dreams Mean?

You ever have long drawn out dreams about food? A lot of people excuse food dreams as just being hungry and may roll out of the bed and grab something to eat from the fridge. But in reality the food your dreaming of actually has a meaning. Dreams can help us solve problems or warn us of potential danger, things that worry us frequently materialize in dreams. Dreams reveal our secrets, hopes, fears, desires and fantasies. One of the most popular things that people dream of is food. The number one food people dream of is Cake. Cake is usually a lucky sign, a very sweet tasting cake means there might be a promotion for you at work, if the cake has thick frosting then you're in for a wonderful fun time socially. Baking or buying a cake is a sure sign you've got plenty of friends. Eating a piece of cake ensures luck in almost anything you do. Chocolate is another is another sweet that people dream of, chocolate can be either a good or bad thing. Eating chocolate in your dream means you can expect to lose some money, chocolate with nuts in it, is sign that your bored with your life. Drinking chocolate on the other hand can mean a marriage proposal.

Ginger is a wonderful spice that we all use and it has a great scent, but if you taste or smell it in a dream, it means you will have a passionate raunchy love affair, but it will only be a roll in the hay, gingerbread is a sign of family, so the affair will quickly dissolve and both participating partners will return to there husband or wife. Dreaming of donuts lately? Well get ready to pack your bags because your going on a vacation or an adventurous trip. You ever dream of cracked or broken smelly eggs, well be careful someone you trust is going to let you down in a major way. A lot of people have dreams about huge feast and think it's a great thing, but in reality if you see your self having this feast, prepare for difficult times because someone else is going to get what you want. Dreaming of garlic, well i hope your not eating it in a dream, this means an argument will arise soon, see your self cooking with garlic and its a sign that someone is back stabbing you at work. Any dreams relating to garlic is just not a good thing at all, no wonder vampires hate it, but its great for your health. Avocado dreams represent love on all accords , eating an avocado means there are wedding bells in the air and a proposal is coming soon, buying avocado means you are loved by many people.

Ice Cream Dreams Dreams of eating ice cream means your relationships are secure, serve, buy or sell ice cream and you have a great success coming. Although Ham is not a good health choice in real life, dreaming of it has very positive out comes. Smoke a ham in your dream and you are going to have a prosperous year, bake a ham in your dreams and your worries will soon disappear, eat ham in your dream and your business will boom! Even though to much sugar is not good for the body, seeing it in a dream Means a huge success is coming soon, tasting sugar your about to steam things up sexually with the opposite sex. Even though vegetables are good for the body, seeing them in a dream is not a good sign. Dried or cooked vegetables means there may be a family issues rising. Pick fresh vegetables in your dream and be prepared for some rude criticism, rotten vegetables means there's disappointment on the way. Food dreams have many predictions for your future and the only way to produce them is to sleep. Most people forget there dreams upon waking, keeping a pen and pad next to your bed so you can decode your dreams and interpret what they mean is a good way to keep up with what's going on in your life via the dream world.

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Sun-Girl profile image

Sun-Girl 5 years ago from Nigeria

Very informative article you actually shared in here and am really very happy you assisted in listing the importance of ginger which is one of the richest spice in the world but often neglected without even remembering its medicinal uses.

cherrycrime26 profile image

cherrycrime26 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga Author

@sungirl thanks a lot, ginger os a great spice :)

profile image

serenawillaims123 5 years ago

that looks om om good

cherrycrime26 profile image

cherrycrime26 5 years ago from NY, Now Living in Atlanta Ga Author

@serenawilliams lol, glad you like

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

I LOVE dream work and did my undergrad thesis on the usefulness of dreams. (psychology major). I am curious, and you do not mention it here, as to what dreaming about a 'banquet' means--although I can certainly make an educated guess.

I started remembering my dreams at age 4. I dream mostly in color and mostly with a lot of action. I've studied dream work ever since I was a little girl and analyze my dreams frequently as they apply to my life.

I notice that you are also a nurse--what type of nursing do you do?

Voted it up.

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