In the planning of meals, the following factors should be considered:

1. Nutritional adequacy — or the provision of palatable foods that are rich in essential nutrients. Nutrients needs of an individual are affected by age, sex, body build and activities engaged in by the individual.

2. The Food Budget — The food budget is influenced by the family income, knowledge of the market shopper's shopping skills, family food likes and dislikes and their goals and values.

3. Differences in food habits — This includes the dietary habits of nationality groups, regional food patterns, cultural and religious food patterns and the socio-economic background.

4. The time and skill of the meal manager — The length of meal preparation, the amount of experience and the time available are to be considered.

5. Suitability, availability and quality of the food to be served.

6. Aesthetic and psychological aspects of food — or the proper combination of flavor, texture and shapes as well as variety in color, form and arrangement.

7. Equipment available for food preparation.

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