Fat Squirrel Ale Review

"...Relax a moment and enjoy the "Fat Squirrel" in your neighborhood."
- New Glarus Brewing Company

Brief Overview of Fat Squirrel

Fat Squirrel is a nut brown ale brewed throughout the year exclusively for Wisconsin by New Glarus Brewing Company. The nut brown ale is conditioned, unfiltered, and has a natural toasted color. Notes of hazelnut are created by using carefully selected barley malts. Hops from the Pacific Northwest, along with Slovenian and Bavarian hops, are the core of the ale. Fat Squirrel makes for a great cold weather brew, but is very drinkable during other seasons of the year.

Fat Squirrel Label

Fat Squirrel by New Glarus Brewing Co
Fat Squirrel by New Glarus Brewing Co | Source

The Story of Fat Squirrel

The story of how the nut brown ale got its name began when one of the brew masters was sitting down for dinner after a day of work at the brewery. He was watching the squirrels outside and commented on the squirrels gathering nuts and fattening up. This sparked the idea of creating a nut brown ale called "Fat Squirrel." And so the idea became reality when Fat Squirrel brown ale was brewed and bottled.

Fat Squirrel poured in a glass
Fat Squirrel poured in a glass | Source

Fat Squirrel Review

Fat Squirrel is a nut brown ale that pours a light brown color that appears kind of like a glass of cola that had a few ice cubes melt in it. Fat Squirrel is crystal clear with no sediment floating around and no haze. It has a creamy and earthy aroma that is a common trait in nut brown ales. You can detect hints of roasted malt and a slight coffee-chocolaty aroma wafting off the thin, tan colored head of foam.

The finish is nutty and clean with a tinge of alcohol which makes this beer very easy to drink. Although it is brewed year around, Fat Squirrel makes for a great cold weather brew. It is warm and earthly to counter the sharp cold of winter and promises the arrival of spring.

Food Pairing with Fat Squirrel

Steak goes great with Fat Squirrel
Steak goes great with Fat Squirrel | Source

Pairing Fat Squirrel with Food

Fat Squirrel pairs great with several main dishes, desserts, and snacks. A couple cheeses pair very well with the nut brown ale as well, especially local cheeses made in Wisconsin towns and cities.

Steak and ham pair very well with Fat Squirrel, along with pizza, Reuben sandwiches, and beef stew.

Cakes like chocolate and coffee are great to pair with, along with other foods like dried apricots, pears, and chocolate-hazelnut biscotti. Foods with honey pair well also.

Cheddar and smoked Gouda cheese are great to pair with Fat Squirrel, especially fresh cheese from local sources. Fried or fresh cheese curds are great to snack on while enjoying a Fat Squirrel.

Location of New Glarus

New Glarus is located in Green County, WI
New Glarus is located in Green County, WI | Source

Availability of Fat Squirrel

Fat Squirrel is available across the state of Wisconsin in 6-packs, cases, half barrels, and quarter barrels. The beer is brewed year around and is usually pretty common in Wisconsin supermarkets and liquor stores. The packaging of the 6-packs comes in the usual brown package with a green graphic of a horse drawn carriage hauling several wooden barrels. The Fat Squirrel bottle label features a squirrel gathering and nibbling on acorns. The label is simple and recognizable as a New Glarus brew.

Remember, beers brewed by New Glarus Brewing Company are exclusive to Wisconsin. The first step over the state line and into Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, or Michigan's Upper Peninsula will yield no results when searching for New Glarus beers. Buy a sampler or a pack when you visit to ensure enjoyment when returning home!

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SimeyC 4 years ago from NJ, USA

I must add this to my 'must try' list - I'm slowly drinking my way through all the ales in America!!! Great review....

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Thank you! I will be doing a few more beer reviews from New Glarus and other microbrews around my area of Wisconsin. I am also attempting to try as many as I can, but I have a feeling that it will become a life long task...

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