Flavored Olive Oil Recipes

flavored olive oil

Olive oils have numerous health benefits, that is why more and more people are going to choose flavored olive oil as their must have recipe components. There is an increasing trend where olive oil is going to replace vegetable oil as infusions. Nowadays, olive oil provides numerous flavors to people who are looking for combination of different tastes. The day people carelessly choose their oils are gone. I would like to introduce some of the recipes for you to choose and you can try to make some of these in your kitchen:

flavored olive oil recipes

Lemon flavored olive oil with Broccoli
Boil broccoli till they become tender, it usually takes five to ten minutes. Don’t over boil it because it is a little bit fragile. Drain the water and put them a large bowel. Pour lemon infused oil over the broccoli and add some pepper and salt. It is a very savory lemon flavored olive oil dish and a perfect addition to any meal. Try to make one of these.

Garlic flavored olive oil with Tilapia
Tilapia is kind of fish that most people like to eat. It is extremely healthy and good, but with garlic flavored oil, it becomes even better to taste and digest. Just pour some of the oil on Tilapia to marinate the fish overnight. After chopped, just add some chopped onion and put them in a baker for about 30 minutes. Enjoy the new Tilapia in a new flavor!

Lemon flavored olive oil cake
If you have made the cake before, just find an alternative to vegetable oil, use olive oil instead. It will add a new flavor and making it a healthier cake than before.

Orange flavored olive oil ice cream
Blood orange flavored ice cream looks somewhat sick, but it is very healthy and has many delightful elements. It is rich in minerals, antioxidants and vitamin C.  It is made up of fresh cream, egg yolks and milk. It is combined with olive oil to create a very juicy and healthy dessert to your main meal. Just have it on your special occasion you won’t regret it.

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