Flower Tea Ball

Flower Tea

The habit of enjoying tea is enjoyed throughout the history of mankind by various cultures, and tradition in the West, for example, Britain is among the countries that enjoy drinking tea, as well as in the East, in countries like China and Japan, where tea comes from ancient cultures.

It is also known that tea has medicinal properties that help in physical and mental well-being of a person. Among the custom of drinking tea is a wide variety of flowers used in teas, mainly due to their medicinal properties.

The following is the use of flowers in tea, plus information about its main properties. Also find tips on how to assemble a gift basket of tea.

As said earlier there is a long historical tradition of drinking tea, in countries like England there is a break from work intended to enjoy it.

It is remarkable the amount of medicinal properties of flowers, therefore present here are the properties of tea with flowers.

We present here the following tea flowers: lavender, calendula, chamomile, chrysanthemum, dandelion, jasmine, camomile, rose and violet. The first is indicated for disease like flu because of its healing attribute. As indicated to improve access for people who cough and asthma.

The second has many healing properties among the top prevents allergies and skin inflammations. Besides strengthening the skin and aid in healing. Chamomile tea is among the best known tea with flowers and is popular mainly for its value soothing.

- Chrysanthemum Tea

Aids digestion and improves liver. One tea dandelion has properties that are valuable for the detoxification of the body.

- Jasmin Tea

Helps regulate cholesterol in the body. It also prevents cancer of the breast and lung. Still acts to calm due to its relaxing properties.

- Macela Tea

Assists in disturbances in menstruation, nausea and improvement works in respect of the digestive system. The roses are in favor of the nervous and vascular system, it is also hypoallergenic and has properties that improves the skin. The last act in defense of the urinary tract.

Due to the curative value of these teas a great option is to offer a gift basket for a friend or loved one. A important tip concerns to put several different types of tea in one basket, increasing the possibility of therapeutic properties in the same basket.

Another important aspect is the ornamentation of the basket to be aesthetic and pleasing, indicates the consistency and creativity, for example, offer to the basket with the flowers used as tea.

To end it concludes by noting the great importance of flowers as teas and a wide use around the world because of its valuable medicinal use.

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