Food for Comfort

Macaroni, Cheese and Tomatoes

I don't know about you, but when I get stressed or have a case of the "blues"...those feelings go straight to my stomach! And all I want to do is EAT! And not just's got to be a "comfort food." I realize the definition for comfort food differs from person to person, but I really want to share mine with you. First, it must contain cheese. Gooey, melty cheese is the best! And nothing satisfies more than macaroni, cheese and tomatoes. I'm not sure where this recipe originated, but it is something I have eaten my whole life. My mother raised four kids on a tight budget, so I'm sure that's one reason we had it so often. But, it also tastes so good that we would beg for my mother to make it. Hey, my brothers beg for it now - really!

Now, if you're having a craving for some really comforting food, give this recipe a try. I made it last night for dinner (during a rain storm), and my husband and I ate like little piggies! It was so good!

Macaroni, Cheese and Tomatoes

  • 1 lb box macaroni uncooked
  • 2 10 oz. packages Kraft Cracker Barrel Extra Sharp Cheddar Cheese cubed
  • 1 or 2 large cans tomatoes (puree in blender)*
  • Salt & Sugar to taste

Cook macaroni as shown on package directions and drain. Add pureed tomatoes to large pot and bring to boil. Reduce heat to medium and add cooked macaroni and cheese cubes. Season with salt and sugar to taste. Cover pot, remove from burner and let sit for about 10 minutes to allow cheese to melt. **Serve in bowls and top with additional sugar if necessary.

* Either 1 or 2 cans will work fine. Using 1 will make this more of a casserole; using 2 makes it more of a soup.

**I like mine with very little sugar; my husband likes his sweet and adds extra sugar on top.

The next time your feeling a little down in the dumps, give this a try and see if you don't feel just a little bit better. Enjoy!

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