Foods to Buy Organic

Why Buy Organic

Any vegetable or fruit on the list termed the "dirty dozen" is something to pay attention to. Buying organic produce, especially the ones on this list, is extremely important for obvious reasons. First, you don't really want to eat a load of pesticides. Second, there's a difference in flavor. Trust me. When your food isn't sodden with yucky chemicals, it tastes fresher and cleaner. I could list off millions of other reasons, but that's not why you're here, right?

The Dirty Dozen (2011)

As mentioned previously, produce found on this list is strongly encouraged to be bought organic.

1. Apples: These little babies make the list every year without fail. Take the hint and go organic. Pesticide residue is also found in apple juice, so go organic with everything apple!

2. Celery: Another old timer on the list. USDA has found over 60 pesticides in celery!

3. Strawberries: Almost 60 pesticides are found in strawberries, but studies have shown that there are less in frozen strawberries.

4. Peaches: Another old timer, with more than 60 pesticides in these little fruits.

5. Spinach: Frozen or not, there are nearly 50 pesticides in these leafy, green vegetables.

6. Nectarines: Domestic nectarines contain fewer pesticides than imported ones.

7. Grapes: On the list basically every year, but domestic grapes have fewer pesticides than imported ones.

8. Sweet Bell Peppers: Nearly 50 pesticides have been found in these colorful vegetables.

9. Potatoes: More than 35 pesticides have been found in potatoes. Time to stop munching on those fries...

10. Blueberries: Old timer on the list with more than 50 pesticides.

11. Lettuce: More than 50 pesticides.

12. Kale: Relatively new on the list, but it has been found to contain high amounts of residue within the last two years of testing.

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Marie 5 years ago

Cool article, thanks for sharing.

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susanm23b 5 years ago

Interesting--and terrifying! Thanks for the info.

Fit Man Talking profile image

Fit Man Talking 5 years ago from Prince Georges County MD


reallynow? profile image

reallynow? 5 years ago from California Author

You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed the information. It's quite surprising, isn't it?

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