Foods to avoid while pregnant


Pregnancy is one of those times in life where a mother is being told of what to eat to ensure the good nutrition of the growing baby in her. However, how often has the discussion been on the foods to avoid while pregnant? Eating a well balanced meal is not enough, knowing of the foods not to have or to limit while pregnant can make a pregnant woman have an altogether easier and safe pregnancy.

Raw and rare cooked meat

One of the delicacies for some people is eating raw or rare cooked meat. During pregnancy, this is a no go zone. The reason as to why eating raw meat and other products such as eggs is discouraged is the food may be carrying harmful germs which can harm the unborn child. A common bacteria found in raw meat products is salmonella. Ensuring food is fully cooked kills bacteria which safeguards the health of the baby.

Dairy products

Another group of foods to avoid while pregnant are dairy products that are not fully processed such as unpasteurized milk or mould ripened cheeses. Among some of the cheese to avoid include brie and camembert. Some soft blue –veined cheeses such as Danish blue, gorgonzola and Roquefort should also be avoided. The soft cheeses are discouraged as they are less acidic and have more moisture, making it an ideal media for bacteria such as listeria to grow on. Listeria is a bacteria that has been documented to cause miscarriages, premature deliveries, infection or even death of newborns. The CDC has also shown that pregnant women are up to 20 times more susceptible to listeria infection as opposed to non pregnant adults.

Seafood high in Mercury

Seafood with high mercury levels should be avoided. High mercury consumption during pregnancy has been attributed to brain damage and developmental delays in children. Among the fish to avoid include sword fish, shark, tilefish and king mackerel. It is also advisable to cook any sea food thoroughly before consumption. Some sea foods seem delicacies when eaten rare or even raw. To stay safe it is highly advisable to cook food thoroughly or to all together avoid it.


A high intake of Caffeine has been attributed to babies being born with low birth weight. It has also been shown that children from mothers who consumed heavy amounts of caffeine during pregnancy face health problems later in life. When the caffeine level consumption is too high, miscarriages have also been documented to occur. Among some of the caffeinated drinks to consume in moderation include coffee, tea and soft drinks that have caffeine added in them. Decaffeinated tea or even fruit juice can work out wonders if you are a heavy caffeine consumer

Food that contains high amount of Vitamin A also fall under foods to avoid while pregnant. Examples of such foods are liver and pepper. Other foods to avoid while pregnant include raw sprouts and herbal products whose research has not been documented on their effect on pregnancy. As always, better save than sound.

Choosing the right foods whilst pregnant is a sure way of safeguarding pregnancy and ensuring optimal health of the child in the future. In being informed on foods to avoid while pregnant, you can rest assured that your baby is in the best care possible, your own as you look forward to holding the bouncing baby in your arms at birth.

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