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Thanks Ed - A Bartender to Remember

By: Chef Isaiah

Once forbidden and enjoyed only within the darkest corners of secrecy, alcoholic beverages have crawled out of the darkness and into the light of our daily lives. We invite our favorite drinks into our homes for entertaining and we dance the night away as we try the many flavors; with the same dedication that we do with our food. Yet, perhaps we have overlooked the treasures right before our eyes.

In life there are so few great treasures, and yet there they are every time we order our favorite alcoholic beverage. A good bartender is often overlooked as we quickly grab our next beverage and off we go to enjoy the evening. So what is a bartender, just someone that fills our order right? Just like the beverage that you are holding, there is much more that goes into the mix then merely adding ingredients into a glass.

A good bartender knows how to make your favorite drink and they have the recall to remember your name. They lend an open ear while listening to the story of your day; they enjoy and entice you with a joke; as they make you laugh. For example on the sitcom Cheers to name one, this was based on the friendly high quality bartender possessing many attributes.

Capturing the moment is part skill and the other is the ability to harness the compassion of the moment. The trick to making good drinks is to treat it like cooking. By following the recipe, measuring your amounts and experimenting with different recipes, you are well on the way to obtaining the skills needed.

My recommendation is to experiment by trying different alcohols to learn more about the many flavor profiles, and to determine which brands are to your liking. Remember, on one side of the coin cheap does not always mean it is good and on the other neither does being expensive. Once you know your likes and have become acquainted with various flavor profiles, you will be able to ease into making your own unique drinks.

Wait, what about the passion? This reads like a story told through generations as old as time its self. To truly excel in life, we are driven by passion to be good at what we do. To always try to improve, learn the why, where it comes from and how to make it happen. What are you passionate about? Do you value friends and family through entertaining? Are you driven to unite with those around you looking for opportunities to create lasting moments? Seek out the qualities that make you unique, what you are passionate about and then learn the skills needed to excel.

A good bartender not only prepares your drinks but will also lend a smile, laughter, and to really make your experience a positive one; letting you know someone is looking out for you. Bartending, waitressing and cooking are usually a thankless service industry that includes long hours. There are so many individuals involved in the service that you receive; that may go unnoticed. Let them know how much you appreciate what they do with a thank you. Thanks Ed, this one is for you. Salute.

Tip: Rooster feathers at one time were used to garnish drinks; hence the word cocktail.

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Sabrina Tells All - RW Advancements - Life Event and Wedding Planning | Source

The Gift of Appreciation

Chef Isaiah is absolutely correct in raising awareness to the many hands that work to provide the service we require. Whether it be the wait staff serving our food, the bartender making our drinks, the cooks creating the many food items that are listed on the menu, the dishwasher cleaning all those dirty dishes, the table clean-up crew or the many more employed staff.

Have you ever been in a restaurant and have seen a table left in a complete mess? You know the type of mess that you are grateful you do not have to clean-up. Then as we walk out the door you never give it another thought.

The service industry can and most often is a thankless job, since so much of it goes unnoticed from behind the scenes. Chef Isaiah closed his article with, "Thanks Ed, this one is for you, Salute." Bartender Ed is compassionate about the service he provides and Chef Isaiah was so impressed that he wanted to express his sincere appreciation for the personable service received.

Let us all take the time to be more aware and express thanks for a job well done!


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