Four Lokos: Friend or Foe?

 Ah, Four Lokos. Maybe you've heard of them before, but aren't too sure what exactly they are. Or maybe you have had a notorious experience with them like myself. Either way, I'm going to explore both sides of this drink that is slowly, but surely, becoming infamous among parties and gatherings everywhere.

My first experience with Four Lokos was on a Tuesday night, nothing special. My friend and I were tired of our usual boxed wine or 12 pack of beer when we decided to hit up a local convenient store that sold alcohol to see what we could find. Immediately we were drawn to these crazy, colorful cans with "Four Lokos" printed across them. We started reading the can and soon realized that they were 12% alcohol...which is like drinking 4-5 beers in one sitting. We were sold. We read through the different flavors and settled on Lemonade and Grape. We only bought two cans, not realizing the damage those two cans would do. A little over $6 later ($3 for each Loko), and three more forties (that we didn't get through) we were on our way home.

Upon getting home, we tried the Lemonade one first. It was definitely hard to get down, but we managed. Next, it was on to the Grape flavored Lokos. It was definitely a lot better tasting, and after finishing that, we were amazed that we were in fact drunk already. We couldn't believe much that we decided to try Lokos again that Friday. We each drank 2-3 Four Lokos and the night ended in singing Seal's "Kissed by a Rose", a leg lock around my neck, one lost earring, and our friends staring at us in disbelief. It was a good night to say the least.

Shortly after our few experiences with this crazy drink appropriately named Four Lokos, I wanted to know more. I started asking friends about them. Some people swore to stay away from them, some people didn't know what they were, and others were ready to invest stock in the drink.

Four Lokos: Foe?

If you're going to attempt to drink Four Lokos, I think you should be aware of exactly you are putting in your body. In addition to the 12% alcohol (in more places), there is also 60 grams of sugar and 660 calories in just one can! Those statistics alone may have swayed my decision to drink 3 of them in one night. Also, the name Four Lokos comes from four of it's main ingedients: caffeine, taurine, guarana and wormwood which is an active ingredient in absinthe.

There have also been recent rumors of Lokos being pulled from shelves. The attorney general has been investigating that the ingredients in this drink pose many health risks, but are masked by feelings of intoxication. Four Lokos has been said to be the cause of numerous blackouts and in some cases can be fatal.

If you do decide to try it out, please drink in moderation for the obvious reasons. All of the ingredients are flat out not good for you body and your heart.

 Four Lokos: Friend?

It's every young person's dream...alcohol that is dirt cheap and gets you highly intoxicated. With Lokos running about $3 a can, and considering it's's definitely cheaper than a case of beer and in most cases a bottle of liquor. For me personally, I achieve the same level of intoxication if I slammed back shots of vodka all night, but without a nasty hangover in the morning. Plus those 60 grams of sugar definitely give you a rush if you're looking to party all night.

Four Lokos is available in eleven flavors: Watermelon, Orange, Lemonade, Cranberry Lemonade, Grape, Fruit Punch, Vanilla, Blue Raspberry, Raspberry, Apple, and Cotton Candy. No matter what you prefer, there is a Lokos for you. My personal favorites being Grape and Watermelon. They can initially be hard to get down, but eventually can be hard to put down.

Four Lokos: Friend or Foe?

What's your opinion on Four Lokos?

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Scott02468 profile image

Scott02468 6 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I love these things! They get the job done, taste good, and are cheap!

jennifer 6 years ago

used to love em till i read this and had a homie tell me about what's all in there and the 660 calories per can that's crazy to much

brian 6 years ago

just drank a can about 45 minutes ago. these truly rock! it feels like i drank quite a bit of hard liqour but i still feel wide awake. awesomeness in a can. I'm fairly good at handling my booze and i don't think i have been this jacked up off of one can before. makes tilt look like noothing! idk how ill feel tmrw though

Darla 6 years ago

I think this drink is dangerous but i don't care! i love how i can drink one & be fucked up!

Cjo 6 years ago

The caffeine in Four adds to the dehydrating effects of alcohol and has the potential of a wicked hangover. Drank these once and never again!

Ambuh 6 years ago

OMGGGG! so im totally drinking these LOKOS right now, and they are FUCKING AWESOME!!! i totally got screwed over by these things, but now i love'em , go hardcore with it! damn :]]]

Bobby Rodriguez 6 years ago

I'm 5'6 and weigh 119lbs so I'm kind of a light weight. I can usually handle a good 5 shots of tequila or vodka and two beers or a game or two of pong depending on how I pace myself. I had ONE four loks and I felt like I was going to have a fucking heart attack. I think I'll be staying away from this one

Marieshellie R. 6 years ago

Had it for the first time last nite and I will never drink a four loko again.... I had two and I felt like I was about to die.... NOT SAFE STAY AWAY FROM THEM !!!!!

Julio 6 years ago

Four lokos get the job done(:

temaka 6 years ago

Had 3 flavors ,lemonade, watermelon, grape, gave me a migraine, made me sleepy.

temaka 6 years ago

Had 3 flavors ,lemonade, watermelon, grape, gave me a migraine, made me sleepy.

lisa 6 years ago

Didn't believe the whole "blackout in a can" speech, so i beer bonged to cans....and lived to tell the tale =)

thatleonardkid 6 years ago

Drank 2 pretty fast and then had a few shots at the bar had a hell of a time, but woke up in my underwear on my futon and a lot of my doormates told me about shit i did so i don't know if i'm just a light weight (145-150lbs, male and im 18) or if there really that good.

lucyinthesky 6 years ago

Had the Cranberry Lemonade one last night...blacked out and cannot remember anything that happened. Never drinking one of these again!

saurabh34 profile image

saurabh34 6 years ago

Four Lokos has 11% alcohol, has that great fruit punch taste. The drink is available in nine flavors: Grape, Fruit punch, Orange Blend, Watermelon, Blue raspberry, Lemonade, Cranberry, Cranberry lemonade and Lemon Lime.

jacob 6 years ago

I think it all depends on the person i drink watermelon 1 or two never three just be careful and drink responsibly

amesplaza profile image

amesplaza 6 years ago from starbucks

I've had one too many bad experiences with the four lokos and they give me the worst hangovers.

karlee 6 years ago

IM DRiNKING them NOW!! There great

Lex 6 years ago

Greatest thing ever! Drank 5 of them saturday night let's just say I had an amazing time

Kristina Fellows  6 years ago

Had the watermelon flavor. One can, now I'm pregnant. shittyyy

MSal2185 profile image

MSal2185 6 years ago from PA Author

Thanks everyone for checking my article out...I just enjoyed another Four Lokos last night. A lot of fun, but be careful!! :)

Joe 6 years ago

Well i personally like em but too much of them can be a bad thing i know this one girl who drank 4 of them in an hour which is very very very bad...well to make a long story short she eneded up passing out so drunk not rembering what happened throwing up everywhere and died 4 times in the ambulance and had to get her stomach pumped so if your gonna drink these drink them very slowly and drink these in moderation

Alan 6 years ago

I drank one and died!

art 6 years ago

I usually handle well a 12 pack of beers and a few shots of tequila, I drank a four loko, I didn't get buzz yet I didn't sleep for two nights, it wasn't the alcohol, it was the caffeine and the sugar that made me restless. Worst thing i've ever tasted in my 15 years of professional drinking. Don't drink it, is unhealthy.

Ahmed 6 years ago

i used to drink these shits every fucking day. I would have at least 2 everyday. It lasted 5 months and then i had a heart attack all due to my excessive loko drinking. Once i stopped drinking them my heart returned to its normal health. Stay from these mothafuckas. And if you have to drink them then don't drink more than one cuz it can legitimately fuck up your heart bros

Boomer 6 years ago

My roommates and I LOOOVE them. Every Sunday is Four Lokos Sunday and we have a blast. What's better than Four Lokos and Playstation Move? Clearly you have to be an idiot to drink more than one. It's a pick-me-up that isn't meant to get drunk off of. One will get you a nice little buzz and give you evergy for the night. Budlight after that :)

Jordan 6 years ago

Watermelon for the win! & the knock out.

Sunny day 6 years ago

Not much of a drinker, I drink occasionally but when I do drink, its usually a 4loko. Yea some of them are really good like the grape and orange in my opinion but now that I know what's in them, I won't be drinking them anymore. Gotta find me a new drink, one that's more healthier!

billy 6 years ago

i drank two last night and felt like a drank an 18 pack to myself, the caffeine kept me up till 5 in the mornight

lISA 6 years ago

They're pretty freakin awesome I think.Wish I hadn't learned that they were so high in calories and junk...but still.Once you get goin on it ya aint gonna give a crap about the light bill,rent,and most of all ur health! CHEERS!!!!!

toxxic 6 years ago

i lovee lokos! they're perfect for a party night, they get you intoxicated and hyped up. (: i'm doing a double loko halloween weekend!

Nick Ry and Liz Yah DiG? 6 years ago


astro 6 years ago

lokos better not be pulled because some retards don't know how to drink. they r great for a super quick buzz without drinking a lot

PeteM 6 years ago

Drank one of these cans after four beers and three shots. Woke up the next day in the hospital with hypothermia and a concussion but have no idea what happened. Do not under estimate this drink.

amnesianurse 6 years ago

I split one of these with a friend Saturday night thinking it was along the lines of a pre-mixed Redbull & Vodka. One mixed drink later and I don't remember the next 6 hours, AT ALL and woke up in a car the next morning. I'm afraid I was drugged and went in to be checked out, but if the urine tox screen comes back clean then it was 4Lokos. Please be careful and know what you're getting yourself into with this drink! Only go out with people you know and trust, and if someone tells you that they're not okay, believe them! If your friends are not acting like themselves and are vomiting, and passing out please get medical help ASAP- alcohol poisoning is a medical emergency! Learn from my mistake.

faye 6 years ago

i made the mistake of chugging half a can after already having drank a full one. i blacked out and puked 4 times. the next day i woke up drunk, passed out and woke up again with the worst hangover i've ever had. these are definitely meant to be drank in moderation while drinking tons of water. lesson learned.

drunk nerd 6 years ago

anyone realize that wormwood is a poison, that's why absinthe was originally outlawed in the US?

it is a strong antiseptic, and is sometimes used to kill parasitic worms in the intestines. this is where the clear headed "brain buzz" of absinthe comes from.

in high dosages, wormwood can be fatal.

660 calories makes you fat.

enjoy your four lokos :O

lt33552 6 years ago

You people on here saying its cool are idiots, you think you would learn from other people experiences. But then again everyone is young, you'll learn yours the hard way. So keep puttin em back, your blackoutt and vomiting days will come.

MegaChaoX 6 years ago

For people who had a bad experience, have 1 then, don't try and knock down 2 or 3 cuz of course you dumbasses who have a bad experience obviously had too much. Like WTF are you thinking that you're so badass with a high tolerance to alcohol? Like WTF is your damn problem, this isn't your run if the mill beer, it strong shit. People are too damn stupid if they can't use a little bit of common sense and just drink 1 and chill for a bit to see how it goes, then maybe have a little more. It people like y'all is why they are getting banned

timmie313 6 years ago

ahhh four lokos are the best yess i too have had bad experiances but who cares ive also have had bad experiances with vodka and tequila that doesn't mean im going to stop drinking that and theres no way im going to stop drinking four lokos they're the shit. I would marry who ever came up with this drink( : i truly love four lokos its my favorite drink now...sorry captain morgan you have been replaced.

johnnnyboy751 6 years ago

yeah they better not pull four lokos im gunna be one pissed fella if they do haha but four lokos are cheap and they get u buzzed quik i get sooo fucked up drinking 4 four lokos and im happy because i don't need to spend a lot woot woot and to the people who say they have bad times with four lokos....its alcohol obviously you're gunna have a slip up drinkk tooo much and get fucked up but it happens people have too much too drink accidently and yeah now if u get fucked up off one four loko maybe you shouldn't be drinking at all

steph_08 6 years ago

Last night I only drank one of these and I don't remember all of last night. Also, I feel like shit today. I can hold my alcohol too, so I decided to look up 4 lokos and I came across this page. I definitely would be careful about drinking these things.

D-k- 6 years ago

drank one of these towards the end of the night to finish it off, got me to pass out for the first time. woke up with one mean hangover. every time i thought about the four loko... Ooooo stomach turning. but must say these things are amazing and cheap.

beez 6 years ago

Had a watermellon one a few min ago and i'm half through a cranberry lemonade one. Feeling slightly buzzed. Not bad for the price!! Beats drinking a 12pack (for the money too). I drink so much coffee during the day that the caffiene doesn't really effect me much... the alcohol content though is great to actually feel something for a change. 5'8" 210lbs. Drinkin 2 for a good night w my COD black ops!!

B.G 6 years ago

Let me mention that every acholic beverage is dangerous if you abuse it. I mean forties are cheap too just takes more to do the trick so you're really doing the same damage to your body.

So what if the drink has 660 calories.. it only takes one to get fucked up vs. about 8 to 9 beers ( if not more ;)). Depending on the beer, there is usualy 100 to 200 calories. You do the math. Drink responsible or don't drink at all.

megan 6 years ago

Yeah, don't believe that shit. drank 7 cans in one night, im still here aint i? its not bad. its pretty fun. yeah, they get you drunk fast!!!

KRISTY 6 years ago

While I agree with some people that Four Loko “may not” have affected them the way the FDA and others are saying it has – I have experienced the affects of Four Lokos personally. My husband drinks the Four Lokos, he is a 33 year old male – fairly healthy. He has always drank beer – watching sports, hanging with friends or for a night out with me. BUT – I have NEVER seen him act the way he does when drinking Four Lokos! You would think he was tripping on acid or eating mushrooms. He hallucinates, he does not know who he is, he does not know who his family is, he repeats the same things over and over again. Its scary. He does not mix other drinks, beer, liquor, alcohol with these. He does not do drugs… so how the makers of Four Loko keeps “claiming” all the problems are coming from underage, irresponsible drinkers who mix drinking the Fours with other alcohol and/or drugs – are completely wrong. They have made a fortune off these dangerous drinks that have killed people – caused people to be hospitalized – and that have caused problems with families. My husband has told me that the Fours are so easy to drink, you could drink one without even knowing you were doing it. I am EXTREMLY happy all of these drinks – caffeine and alcohol mixed – are being banned!!!! Just because it doesn't affect 10 people like this – doesn't mean its not affecting 20 different people. I do not think there has been enough study on these kinds of drinks to see how it could affect different types of peeople! ADIOS FOURS!!!!

Martha 6 years ago

my personal opinion is not to try it or let ur friends try it that stuff is bad. One of ma friend brought his girl home n she drank four lokos and after a couple she couldn't even walk but the most worst part was that she throw up all over the bathroom floor like purple water. She dirty the whole bathroom it just looked so disgusting. she was scare n shaking n said she couldn't breathe and white foam started coming out her mouth. sad right??? den even hours later she was still in bad condition she couldn't walk or talk it was bad i would never try this at all

Marissa 6 years ago

i think it's the stupidest thing that they are being "banned" like don't drink one unless you know how to drink it right, drink like one or two, no more than that, & people wont have problems! but i herd that they wont be banned, their just taking most of the caffine out...

Dj 6 years ago

they get you drunk fast. if you know what you're doing you can have good time. learn how to drink and don't be stupid and drink four cans in one night, or if your a lightweight.. don't drink a whole one. its simple.

tm 6 years ago

Last night I only drank one of these and I don't remember all of last night. Also, I feel like shit today. I can hold my alcohol too, so I decided to look up 4 lokos and I came across this page. I definitely would be careful about drinking these things.

This is the same as Steph's comment, We'll never try again! I still feel like shit!

Adam 6 years ago

I'm a 225lb male and I drank 3 of them last night. NEVER again. I blacked out and feel awful today. I had to call in sick to work too. Those drinks literally made me insane. (wifey said I was hallucinating and talking to people that weren't in the room).

boozer 6 years ago

I am a hardcore drinker and tried these, they taste like shit and i wasn't really impresed. if your trying to get drunk cheap try some cheap liqour it dosent have all that garbage in it and it will do the same thing...

sid 6 years ago

worth every penny.

40oz 6 years ago

only drink 1 and 1 shoud feel perfect!!!

steven 6 years ago

i trie my first one last week and i think they are amazing and dirt cheap. itz a lot cheaper than my heaven hill vodka and plus having to buy a chaser. Now i can chase a 4loko with my vodka. itz a gr8 college fad, hate that itz fixin to be banned in oklahoma!

Jenn 6 years ago

Al in moderation people. That's the answer.

Elizabeth 6 years ago

Well By My Experience..i don't think it all that good because of this drink me and 2 other friends were sent to the hospital..and nearly died because of this drink..

just drank 3! 6 years ago

I'm f'd up after drinking 3 1/2! ! This drink is awesome, if drank in moderarion.

steve 6 years ago

I drank 1/2 in a half and that made me be on my Q's and P's the whole night ....." BLACK OUT IN A CAN "

Beth 6 years ago

They are nasty!! Cheap is NOT worth your life!!!

not 4loko 6 years ago

Serisouly if just drinking hard liqour wasn't hard on your liver now, drinking more than one can of these loko drinks? People are tards these days to get a easy cheap buzz. (Some are really hyped about these drinks. Must be the underage who don't know any better) Don't be surprised if you die before you see the age of 30

zoe 6 years ago

watermelon!! 4lokos = my love

Germany 6 years ago

Is there any way of getting them in Germany? This stuff really sounds interesting ^^

troublez 6 years ago

im reading this while drinking a four

profile image

suga2010 6 years ago

I weigh 120pounds and im in college, so I was bored tired of studying and I asked my friend, "Hey I wanna try drinking tonight."

He said, "You sure Karen?"

I said,"Yes, I have never drunk before..."

A couple hours later he arrives and pulls from the brown paper bag a "four loko". Now...I don't know my drinks, I was really upset.

I said," I didn't want an energy drink!"

He started to laugh at me.

"Just try it but I won't let you drink a whole one."

I looked at him pouting...I thought I could take on the whole can, so I said, "Fiiiine I can handle it."

He looked at me and said, "Ok lightweight."

I swear like 10 mins into me drinking, I felt so different. I felt like I could take on the world, I felt bold and the complete opposite of who I am when im sober. Ugh when i'm sober im sooo shy,timid, don't talk at all, but man when I drink its a party! He kept trying to check the can but I tried not to let him...I wanted to finish it.

...Sad to say he took the can away and poured it down the DRAIN! Half a can of loko went down the drain.

I have never gotten drunk before...(well I don't think I was...) I can remember everything (it was fun), I didn't throw up or anything I had a lot of fun with this drink...

Maybe its because I had an amazing friend that took away the drink before I got to fucked up. But sad to see it going off the shelfs in Texas....

Mau5er 6 years ago

Man i've been drinking this since forever there used to be a drink trhat was similar 12% with caffeine and etc. uhm to the contrary belief i dunno if its just me ive loosing wight and i drink em everyday... even tho i got to add i do a 300 cal intake a day sometimes and exercise but still i drink around 2 to 3 cans a day

i try contacting phusion project inc to get the real nutrition fact on the drink but still haven't got an answer i guess is left to speculation

momo 5 years ago


tokteza 5 years ago

these things are not my drink of choice after getting home with 2 of them (raspberry and lemon) i sat down and cracked one open. my best friend said to me i bet you wont finish either of those cans. Now i thought to my self of course i can if me and him can finish a handle of cheap ass vodka in one night i think i can hold them down. so i grabbed the can and took a sip and swallowed i look at my budie and say F this shit it tastes like mickys and the devils piss so i went back to the store with the other one and the lady was kind enough to take it back and then i bought me and my buddie some good ol captian and that's all i remember that night haha.

sammy 5 years ago

Love them I have drank too many and blackd out but that was just because I drank to many I drank just 1 and I was good and having a blast and woke up with nooo hang over :) just remember to down a bottle of water before u pass out !

kritter 5 years ago

They taste like shit, I actually almost started to throw up the last few sips I took, and I can handle my liquor pretty well. But it defiantly got me drunk, and I have soo much fun when I drink them. My only problem is the terrible feeling I get the next morning. I never blacked out, just forgot small parts of the night, but that usually happens no matter what I drink. I probably won't drink another anytime soon.

stoner boner 5 years ago

4 LOKOS BABY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYYAAyaYAAYyayayayayaay

Micayla 5 years ago

Had a watermelon one last night. Currently suffering intensely from this 4loko hangover. Not a headache...its like a shaky frail feeling. Never again!!!

MOM 5 years ago

My son was never in trouble until he drank Four Lokos at a party one night. In a blackout, he tried to out run police, crashed his car, and acted violently to police. He is now incarcerated on 3 felony charges. He lost his car, job, girlfriend, college funding and freedom.

If you must drink FL Please drink responsibly! thank you

Bec 5 years ago

had 1 fruit punch loko last night. i blacked out for the second half of the night and left my purse with my phone,license,debit card, key, student id and money in the parking lot of a club we were at. thankfully someone turned it in and i got it back. i threw up 4 times this morning and my stomach has been killing me all day. i will NEVER AGAIN drink one!!! terrible experience!

Maria 5 years ago

Well.... I have had a bad experience with the Four Lokos.. but overall. I LOVE THEM! :)

ccboob 5 years ago

i cant do these anymore im 21 iv been drinking them since i was 16 till last year in june i dranked four the next day i woke up twitching twitching hard ever since then i stopped drinking them but every now and then i go into a twitching franzy !!

Older guy 4 years ago

Got into Joose about 3 years ago but they are impossible to find in NYC. Have tried Tilt and 4 Loko, and am addicted. I am close to 40 and sometimes consume 2 during an evening commute. Wife has nOticed strange behavior and I know it can't be great for you. I still cOntinue. Uggh, number 2 is on it's way.

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