Four Lokos: The Aftermath

Loko for Lokos?

So, it's been several months since Four Lokos hit the party scene, and word has most definitely spread about this wonder drink. I think it's fair to say most people have tried a Loko, or at least witnessed someone who has.

Now, I will admit I have had my fair share of Four Lokos since first stumbling upon the drink, but I also have some experience in field of drinking, and am old enough to know when to stop. I am also fully aware of what I am putting into my body, and certainly I am always down for a good time, so I am the last person to discourage someone from drinking. I had written an article a few weeks ago discussing the pros and cons of the "liquid cocaine" as it has come to be known as, but I feel the need to point out some recent Loko stories that have been popping up in the news recently.

I do not recommend, in any way, that young and underage kids have access to Four Lokos at all. In fact, I'm not sure some people my age should be allowed near the drink. I do not think highschool seniors or college freshman (or anyone underage for that matter) should be able to get their hands on one unless they are looking for a way to end up in the hospital. The key is moderation. Four Lokos is not meant to slammed down one after another, and certainly should never be mixed with harder liquor like vodka or rum. You're just asking for an ambulence ride at that point.

"Blackout in a Can"...The name had to come from somewhere..

The most recent story that has been sweeping the news stations is that of 9 college freshman from Central Washington University were rushed to the hospital for what investigators believed to be alcohol poisoning or the results of them being drugged at an off-campus party. Eventually it was concluded that none of these students were given drugs or alcohol without their consent, but instead decided to mix the "blackout in a can" with other hard liquors. Needless to say, the Washington State Attorney is calling for a ban on Four Lokos.

They are know saying that Four Lokos works similar to a speedball because the caffeine works as a stimulant and the alcohol as a depressant, which allows you to drink more. However, the caffeine wears off a lot quicker than the alcohol, which can leave partiers in a very vulnerable state. Basically, all that energy and not to mention 60 grams of sugar allow people to continue drinking, instead of passing out. Your body then fails to notice the signs of fatigue, loss of coordination and even vomitting, which are your body's way of telling you slow down and put the can down.

The makers of Four Lokos haven't really commented on the situation thus far, but they are getting major advertisement pretty much everywhere these days. Genious? Maybe...but at what cost?

To Tie It Altogether...

I love to have a good time, and I often find friends and myself grabbing a Four Lokos before we go out, but gone are the nights of pounding 3 down in one night. I said it before, but the key is moderation. I don't see anything wrong with having one, but I'm writing this as a precaution to those of you who feel the need to show off your drinking skills and slam back 4 or 5, because you're only going to look ridiculous when you wake up to having your stomache pumped. Just make sure you know what you're getting into, and then enjoy the magic of Lokos in a responsible way.

Be knowledgeable. Be careful. Enjoy, and have fun!

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