Fried Hake and Chips

Fresh hake in a delicious beer batter....mmmmm!! I use beer which is local to South Africa. I think most South Africans will use Black Label but I've come to enjoy Castle and even Windhoek but when it comes to making this fish batter, Castle will do just fine. So my advice to you, use what you like :0)



1½ cups of cake flour (keep extra for later)

5ml salt

5ml baking powder

10ml sugar

340ml castle lager beer (this is a nice local beer to South Africans, so whichever one suits your palate - use)

salt and pepper

4 hake fillets

fries/frozen chips

oil for frying

lemon wedges

tartar sauce for serving


Mix all the batter ingredients together in a bowl

Heat a frying pan with just enough oil to halfway cover the fish, roughly 4cm oil in the pan

Dip the hake into the batter

Shake off the excess

Fry in the heated oil for about 5 minutes on each side (nice and golden) and drain on kitchen paper to rid it of extra oil

* Oven cook your frozen chips OR on the stove-top – whichever you choose

* And drain your chips after cooking

Serve the fish and chips with lemon wedges and tartar sauce.

Alternatively to fried chips, you can make potato cakes. They are just as yummy a side to fish as chips is (to me even better!).

This recipe serves 4

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