Cool Names for Restaurants

It's all in the name

It's funny the things we can see when we travel. Not only are we surrounded by new sights, views, scenery and nature, but we have the opportunity to check out local quisine. Often, more often than you may think, you come across a restaurant with a funny name. As for me...I usually visit these places, just so I can say I've been there. Have a look, and check if you want, they are REAL places. I even list the addresses.

Git Yo Chicken

This treasure is found in Kansas City. 5900 Prospect to be exact. Now, how could you resist checking this place out?

Shut up and Eat!

This place is a blast! Pajama clad waitresses, mismatched silverware, and everyone is expected to say "good morning" when someone walks through the door. Located in Toms River, NJ (Thanks for pointing out my error, reader. I had PA instead of NJ)

C'est What

C'est What; Located in Toronto Canada.

Foo Kin John's

48-50 Pioneer in Cooperstown NY.

Whenever we're there we always stop and get some of that Foo Kin John's food. ;)

more funny names

Wok inn: A chinese Buffet in Winstonville, OR

Rising Loafer:Restaurant and Bakery in Dansville CA

Capitol Grounds:Cafe in Washington county Vermont

Aesop's TablesOn Dale Street in St. Paul MN

Road Kill Cafe: (I kid you not) In Greenville Junction Maine. (Link is to the gotta see this)

Please contribute!

If you have found a funny Restaurant name while you traveled, and have a picture and address, I'd love to have you comment, or email me.

thanks, hope you enjoyed my Hub

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02SmithA profile image

02SmithA 8 years ago from Ohio

Haha. I enjoyed this. I like the name Wok Inn the best I think.

Christoph Reilly profile image

Christoph Reilly 8 years ago from St. Louis

Hi, Veronica. Very funny hub. I loved the Road Kill Cafe menu. It makes me want to eat there. There's a place on Lake Of The Ozarks that you get to by boat. It's called Klotsky's Oar House.

WeddingConsultant profile image

WeddingConsultant 8 years ago from DC Metro Area

I loved the hub! I had heard of the road kill resturaunt before, but none of the others.

Oh and for the record I haven't eaten at road kill cafe! I wonder if one can order a side of tire there?

belfast maine 7 years ago

Great Hub you have here :) Please check out my Belfast Maine website would love to network!

britneydavidson profile image

britneydavidson 7 years ago from united kingdom

GREAT HUB....enjoyed reading some chieneese names....i liked cluck u...its too funny.well have a look for this one i am will be suprised....


awsome 7 years ago

i loved the shut up and eat name it is very.......................................interesting

Isiah 7 years ago

These names are so cool

pkoson profile image

pkoson 7 years ago

Funny Restaurant Names

Good point. I hope the rest of the Asteroidea class welcome me with five arms wide open

Holly 7 years ago

Cool Names Babes:) Love Yhu's! I Love Mii Friiend xo

twilighter 7 years ago

My favorite is Shut up and eat!

RAchael 7 years ago

Nice. I am starting up my own restaurant but i dont know what to call it. i live in essex in romford. any suggestions? by the way there is a place in canada called eat or get out.

RAchael 7 years ago

Nice. I am starting up my own restaurant but i don't know what to call it. i live in essex in romford. any suggestions? by the way there is a place in canada called eat or get out.

auburngirlie22 7 years ago

Shut Up and EAT! is right next door to where I live. It's not in PA, it's located in Toms River, NJ!!! Get it right people.

thsisfunneh 6 years ago

We have a Wokk Inn where I live... lulz. xD

riannalou 6 years ago

hi i? the shut up and EAt har har!

FUNNY MONKEY123 6 years ago


FUNNY MONKEY123 6 years ago


crazy cool  6 years ago


Lake Ozark Rentals 6 years ago

We have a lot of funny restaurant names here at Lake of the Ozarks. Big Dicks Halfway In is a funny one! Peckers is another and Horny Toad!

candythern 6 years ago

these are are the best name i ever herad make more names so i can get more i deas for me restrants

i love to eat that's why i have lots of restrant and you give me ideas and if you see the name shut pu and eat that's me restrant and you are weicome any time and you just have to send for cindy 2 love cindy2

mike 6 years ago

Place in Holland Michigan called Wok In Wok Out. Then they added a buffet and my friends starting calling it Wok In Roll Out.

Hey! 6 years ago


Say 6 years ago



ILVY 6 years ago

das sin ja dumme namen!

ILVY 6 years ago

Aber "shut up and eat" ist echt geil!

Dabei halte ich nie den Mund beim essen!!!

Ich muss immer reden!!!

Becurse "shut up and eat" it so cool!

I don't can eat and not wat say.

I must always wat say.


JANA 6 years ago

Aber "shut up and eat" is cool, ILVY.

HDL mene kleene maus.

zekaaa rashid 6 years ago

i like shut up and eat. LOL. btw, this is Zekaaa Rashid

@#%^*^ 6 years ago

sayang awak zekaaaa =p

mariama 6 years ago

that is so weird

M. Amir 6 years ago

I like the Shut up and EAT one concept....

This must be the house wife's favorites restaurant.

M. Amir

Me 6 years ago

Damn, me and my dad wanted to open a restaurant called the Roadkill Cafe, but i guess we were beaten to it...

leona┬┤ resturante 6 years ago


SSSSSS 5 years ago


aaa 5 years ago

shut up n eat

angus 5 years ago

i kept my cafe name shut up n sell gud...!!!!! thanks 2 d website, today its flooded wid hungry stomach....

mnc 5 years ago

these pepole have crazy restrant names

SUBENDRA 5 years ago


Vbsnake 5 years ago

I'm naming my place The Works. ;)

GT 5 years ago

haha I made one for a game on facebook after the band called ecape the fait, i call my cafe escape the wait

HLS 5 years ago

Theas people are crazy ^

habzz khan  5 years ago

wokk inn is the best one i guess,...!

Tonya 5 years ago

how about good azz chicken i new jersey

shan 5 years ago

shut up and eat is cool

Randy 5 years ago

No Name Shop

Seen in Srilanka

Bob 5 years ago

"Pho' Shizzle" Vietnamese Noodles

"Cheeses of Nazareth" Cheese

"Wok this way" Chinese buffet

"Pita pan"

"Codfather" Fish

farheen haider 5 years ago

i like the name shut up and eat

lexis small 5 years ago

shut up and eat iz a cool name!!!!!

riya 4 years ago

ya pree ti

Kim 4 years ago

I like shut up and eat

alexiyah 4 years ago

i like shut up and eat

AJC 4 years ago

I was so very interested of the names

Dinesh Mahlawat 4 years ago

Git Yo is fine as well.

haley 4 years ago

shutup and eat wow so slow

pierre 4 years ago

shut up & eat :)

Johnk212 2 years ago

Good day! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form? I'm using the same blog platform as yours and I'm having problems finding one? Thanks a lot! cckfddgadkad

amir shahzad 2 years ago

Very intrestinga

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