Cheap Eatin’ - Hot Apple Cider with Orange and Cinnamon

First Street Apple Juice and Cider

No Bags Required

The other night, my wife came home and asked for help unloading the groceries in the car. Not an unusual request by anyone’s standards, except when she opened the trunk, the only thing she had bought was apple juice and cider. Twelve, 64-oz plastic bottles, lying scattered in the trunk of her car.

This still was not that unusual. Our kids drink apple juice constantly, and with the weather growing colder we have been finding solace in hot apple cider (Hot apple cider recipe to follow after my short, but necessary tangent).

But on closer inspection, I noticed that there were no bags being used to contain the bottles. No paper or plastic. Not even those reusable bags that she might have remembered to take. The bottles were lying there “au naturale” if you will.

My wife went on to explain.

The local Smart & Final was having a sale that encompassed the following savings:

  • 64-oz apple juice and apple cider was on sale for $1.25 each.
  • A 10% discount on anything in the store that day.
  • An additional five cents off each bottle if you didn’t use a bag offered by the store.

My wife is by far the cost comparison buyer when it comes to saving money on groceries without sacrificing quality, but the last bulletin threw even her for a loop. I’m not one to question money savings, although the thought of my wife pushing a grocery cart full of apple juice through a crowded parking lot made me chuckle. Besides, I couldn’t stop thinking about the hot apple cider coming our way.

Hot Apple Cider Recipe

With the holidays among us, now is a great time to begin practicing your hot apple cider recipe. My wife has been making the following hot apple cider recipe which has been great in cold weather. It’s also a great remedy for the common cold.

Hot Apple Cider with Orange and Cinnamon:

  • 1 64-oz bottle of Apple Cider
  • 1 Juiced Orange
  • 1 Teaspoon of Orange Zest
  • 3 Cinnamon Sticks
  • 7 – 10 Cloves (to taste)

Combine all ingredients in a pot and heat until boiling. Once the cider comes to a rapid boil, take off the heat and let sit for about three minutes. Some like to strain the cider so that the cloves and cinnamon left over don’t fall into our glass. We prefer to use a ladle and scoop a cup at a time. The best part for me is getting the last bit of cider which almost guarantees a highly saturated taste.

I suggest this serving this to the during your Halloween party, or the upcoming Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday. A nice, refreshing alternative to the heavy eggnog drinks, and makes for great drinking on a cold night by the fire.

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stessily 5 years ago

marek504: All the votes on this one! Your recipe came to life for me! An amazing, familiar, well-loved aroma of two of my favorite fruits and one of my favorite spices wafted through the air and settled around me as I read this. Magnificent!

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