Good eats in Tempe, Arizona

I am a graduate from Arizona State University (go devils) I graduated in 2000. I frequently travel back to Arizona to visit my sister and family that currently reside in Laveen, Arizona. Also I my nephew is now a freshman at ASU and plays basketball so I will be spending a lot of time during the upcoming season going to his games. As some may know I love to try new food establishments and report back to you the reader what my taste buds have encountered.

So when you travel or happen to be in a particular city I have visited you can eat some good food. So this article is dedicated to good eats in Tempe, Arizona. If I did not list your establishment send me an email and I will sacrifice my time and stop by to eat and give you a mention if your food is good. Otherwise you will not make the cut.

My Big Fat Greek restaurant: This is authentic Greek food. The braised lamb is tender, well seasoned and delicious. I like to get plenty of because that makes me happy. Well this place does the trick. There is plenty of seating and something on the menu for everyone. You want pizza? You got it. But be ready to fall in love. The service was friendly and prompt, need I say more. This place is worth the sit down.

The Fry Bread House: This place is not actually in Tempe, Arizona it is in Phoenix, but I had to list them because it was worth the drive from Tempe. Indian fried bread with stuff in it. Pretty much whatever you want. Beans, meat, or powder sugar and honey. I have tried it all and love them all. Oh my god this place is awesome. The place is a hole in the wall. I have heard some people say the guy that works the counter is rude, but he was cool in my book. He takes your order, gets it right, and the food is good. What more do want a kiss on the cheek (kidding). I guess my disclaimer is fried food are not good for you, but you try it at least once.

Tasty Kabob: Yes, this place sells kabobs. They are grilled over charcoal. You can get lamb, beef, chicken, fillet migon. They have been in business since 1988. All the kabobs are delicious. Try the ice cream after your meal for icing on the cake (not literally). The place is in a strip mall, it small but the food is fresh and made to order which is a bonus. Check this place out if in town people.

Chuck Box: This place has the best burgers in Tempe. The burger is made right in front of you while you wait. You know how grill burgers on the weekend and you say dang these burgers are good. Well this place grills burgers over mesquite (it should illegal it’s so good). For the people like me that don’t walk around with cash, you better stop and get some. This place takes cash only, but it’s worth the stop. My favorite burger is the guacamole and bacon burger with some beer battered onion rings. Go now, feed the hunger. The seating is your average burger joint, and the service is friendly.

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