Good presents for cooks

When I find out that someone is a cook.. and I have to buy them a gift... I rub my hands with glee. I absolutely love going into a shop and looking for cookware that I like... I mean that I could purchase for another cook.

My top 5 items would be as follows:

1. Different cookie cutters:Since I have moved to Asia I have been unable to stop my self making biscuits.. however I have been seriously disappointed with the range or lack there of biscuit cutters. you can never too many biscuit cutters!!

2. A microplane:these have revolutionised my use of citrus zest and of garlic and ginger. There is no comparison between a regular grater and a microplane! such tiny pieces of zest, an absolute joy to use.

3. Cook books:these are an obvious addition to any cooks repertoire but beware... no cook wants repeats of the books that they have. So carefully peruse the bookshelves before tackling amazon or the local book store. If you are unsure perhaps concentrate on food that you know that the cook like eg desserts, bread, a particular nationalities food. Cook books are a gift that keeps on giving which is lovely for you and for the cook in question.

4. Specialised ingredients:Living in Asia I may have become more lacksadaisical about the importation of goods that it would be illegal to import into Australia. So amazing pepper, cool types of sea salt or other rock salts, vanilla pods or extracts. Other spices that are expensive or presented in an unusual manner.

5. Pots and pans:good quality pots and pans will set you back a pretty penny and I only recommend this for the ones that you truly love and that will not become offended. Who would become offended at a gift of Le creuset I am unsure but I am sure that they exist so be careful. Think heavy based saucepans, stock pots and the like.

6. Pottery:here think nice decorative plates, tagines and casserole dishes. Obviously this needs to be carefully considered as no one likes to receive "ugly" gifts! so only buy what you would be happy to have in your house! I think that tagines and pottery casserole dishes are great they are so useful. Even though I live in Asia I still really enjoy a lovely moroccan casserole of chicken drumsticks.

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vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 3 years ago from Peru, South America

I have to agree--these are great gifts and I would be thrilled to receive any one of them, especially a Le creuset pot. : ) Thanks for the ideas.

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