Gorganzola and peach panzenella

This is bread salad that I threw together in June to attend a potluck. I wanted something different from the typical macaroni salad, fried chicken, and jellow molds that everyone else was going to bring that would impress people Most importantly I wanted something cheap.This recipe is a great way to use leftover bread and makes a delicious side dish.

What you will need is one loaf of crusty french bread cut into one inch cubes, about eight onces of crumbled gorganzola, three or four fresh peaches diced in about half inch pieces, and about a cup of Italian salad dressing.

Toss all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl until the bread is well coated with dressing and everything is mixed together well. Let the salad sit in your refridgerator for a couple of hours to allow all the flavors to blend well.

Note: The better your ingredients the better this will taste, though I think it is more important to have good bleu cheese and fresh ripe peaches than it is to use great salad dressing. I actually used the value brand Italian dressing from Kroger. It is important that the bread is hearty enough to stand up to the juice from the peaches and Italian dressing without getting soggy. Stale bread works very well.

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