Gorgeous Cupcake Boxes For Every Occasion!

Gorgeous Cupcake Boxes

Cupcake boxes come in both individual sizes and sizes designed to carry a number of cupcakes. Below are a selection of the best cupcake boxes in both plain and patterned designs. You will also find a number of seasonal design cupcake boxes as well as beautiful cupcake carriers and other gorgeous cupcake accessories.

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Individual Cupcake Boxes

This gorgeous cupcake box to the right is made by Meri Meri and and holds one cupcake. Perfect for a sophisticated party, a gift for teacher, or just because you want something a little bit gorgeous in your life! Everything you see on this page is available by clicking on the links in the boxes below. This will take you to a page where you can see more options and more information about the boxes and their prices. 

Individual cupcake boxes- patterned

Cupcake Boxes- The new party favor bag

What could be lovelier at the end of a children's party, a 40th birthday, or a chic and sophisticated wedding than to head off home with an individual, beautifully decorated, chic cupcake in a box? Whether you decide to go with a themed cupcake in a plain and simple box, a plain cupcake in a beautifully decorated box or even just to let your child run wild with a packet of stickers and white cupcake boxes, your cupcakes will be the perfect take home favor.

Plain cupcake boxes come in individual or larger sizes, and are a perfect way of presenting your cupcakes as a gift. Many people now choose a cupcake tower as their wedding cake, but after a meal many guests may not yet feel like more sweet food. Using perfectly chosen sophisticated cupcake boxes will allow them to take home a piece of your wedding celebration in a way that will remind them just how perfect and chic your wedding was.

Although the boxes shown to the right are pink, there are around fifteen different colors to choose from. You can view these by clicking on the link. 

Larger Plain Boxes

Do you need to transport more than one cupcake at a time? Are you baking for the school fete or bake sale? These cupcake boxes hold four cupcakes each and are a wonderful way to transport and present your baking. Each box has individual slots into which your cupcake sits. Not only do your cupcakes stay safe, but they look stunning too!

Cupcakes on a paper plate look lovely, but cupcakes presented in one of these stunning boxes look even more special offering that perfect finishing touch to make them look truly spectacular. As well as the colors available in the links to the right clicking on the images will take you to a page where you can view a whole other range of colors and designs. 

Gorgeous Patterned Cupcake Boxes

These beautifully designed boxes are a wonderful focus point for your cupcakes. Whether you have highly decorated cakes, or simple cupcakes that need a talking point, these cupcake boxes are sure to thrill the recipient of your cakes. 

Perfect for making your cakes into a gift, what teacher, coworker, grandmother or friend wouldn't be overjoyed to receive your homemade cupcakes presented in such a beautiful way. 

The first of these cupcake boxes is the Meri Meri Patisserie box. Designed to look like a patisserie shop it is delicately pretty with a window to show off your cupcakes. It comes in a pack of three to allow you to create more than one gift. Similarly the flower shop design is a wonderful choice even featuring a window box of flowers below the window that displays your cupcakes. 

This beautiful striped box will show off your cupcakes in a smart, chic manner. Perfect for any color of cupcakes it can turn ordinary cupcakes into a feast. Featuring an individual window for each cupcake it can show off your creations to perfection. 

Transport Your Cupcakes Safely

Transporting your cupcakes....

Have you ever made a batch of cupcakes, decorated them beautifully, placed them into a large plastic box and then, on arriving at your destination discovered your cupcakes smudged and splattered?

The answer to this problem lies in a cupcake carrier. Designed specifically for the purpose of transporting cupcakes, although many of them can be used to transport brownies, full sized cakes, and other treats too, they are the perfect way to ensure that your cupcakes arrive at their destination in the perfect condition in which they left. 

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