Authentic Recipes: Russian Salad aka Olivie (great salad for hot weather days).

Main Ingredients
Main Ingredients

Growing up in the Ukraine, this was one of our irreplaceable vegetable recipes, a perfect holiday dish, as well as hot weather food. It's filling, it's delicious, and it never goes to waste in our house. Some add corn, apple or chopped onion into it, but the main ingredients are listed below. You are welcome to experiment on your own. Believe me, there is nothing like a plate of Olivie on a hot summer day!

Olivie Salad
Olivie Salad

Olivie Ingredients

1 cup of boiled, cubed potatoes

1 cup of boiled, chopped carrots

1 cup of canned peas

1 cup of cubed pickles

1 cup of cooked, cubed, chicken white meat (can be substituted for hotdog)

5 cubed hardboiled eggs

3 tbsp of chopped chives or dill

3 tbsp of mayonase

salt and pepper to taste!

Mix, cool in the fridge, enjoy with a slice of good bread!

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Natashalh profile image

Natashalh 4 years ago from Hawaii

Oh my gosh! I had no idea how to make this or what it was called, but I've had it before. Thank you for sharing these recipes of yours on HubPages. I used to date a Russian guy and his mom made all sorts of food that was totally different from what I grew up with and I never knew what any of it was called or how to make it.

Bukarella profile image

Bukarella 4 years ago Author

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you give it a try!

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