Green Tea or Coffee ?

Most people drink coffee to give them that extra kick in the morning. However, some people are highly addicted to it and drink it throughout the day to give them that extra boost. Green tea is another energy boosting beverage, detoxifies the system and is known to help stimulate the metabolism. Coffee and green tea are widely used throughout the world however, which one is healthier for you?


Coffee can make you feel energetic and more alert however, some people who drink green tea as opposed to coffee have reported similar effects. Green tea also contains caffeine however, there is twice the amount of caffeine in coffee than there is in green tea. Caffeine can hinder sleep patterns if your body is not accustomed to drinking it in large amounts. However, people who drink coffee frequently adjust to it and can quite easily fall asleep when they need to, according to the American Family Physician.

Weight Reduction

Both green tea and coffee are said to help you lose weight, by boosting the metabolism. However, there is no concrete scientific proof that drinking copious amounts of coffee and green tea can boost your weight loss efforts. Having said this, if you feel more energetic this can only help you to perform better when you are working out. Green can help to cleanse the toxins from your body which can aid weight loss.

Heart Disease

According to research undertaken by the American Heart Association drinking small amounts of coffee or green tea can help to prevent heart disease. The studies revealed that people who drink six cups of green tea a day were less likely to get some form of heart disease. The studies also revealed that people who drink up to four cups of coffee can reduce their risk of getting heart disease by up to 20 percent.

Type 2 Diabetes

Studies undertaken by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2008 revealed that drinking coffee can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. The report revealed that people who drank up to four cups of coffee a day were at less risk of getting type 2 diabetes. The study also showed that coffee was more effective at reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes than green tea.

Things to Consider

Drinking coffee and green tea does have some advantages, there are some health benefits associated with drinking both in small amounts. However, do not overdo it, it is recommended that you consume no more than six cups of coffee or green tea a day.

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