Guyabano Juice



2 cups guyabano 1 c. sugar 10 cups water 1/2 c. Lemon juice


1.     Wash the guyabano and cut in quarter.

2.      Scoop out the pulp with a spoon and remove all the seeds and the hard portions.

3.     Add 2 cups water and strain through a muslin bag or reduce pulp to a puree using a blender.

4.     Add the rest of the water. Mix the Lemon juice and sugar.

5.     Add ice or chill. Serve cold.


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angela 6 years ago

how many days can i preserve the guyabano fruit.

jhane 4 years ago

no procedure ;CC

raizcalim 4 years ago

ang dali lng matutunan pala ang pag-gawa nito :)

ben 3 years ago

mabuti yan sa katawan ng tao

Jinga Juice 3 years ago

Jinga Juice -The delicious health drink with the power of two super foods – WHEATGRASS and GUYABANO.

We have combined the wonders of wheat grass and the goodness of guyabano in one nutrition-packed refreshment!

Taken regularly, along with a balanced diet, exercise and rest, My Jinga Juice can greatly enhance overall health and gives the body energy and resistance to diseases.

delia marmita 3 years ago

how to preserve organi

guyabano juice

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