Real quick, here’s what you’re gonna need for four to six people.

1…A two or three inch deep roasting pan.

2…A quarter of a stick butter and a quarter cup of EVOO.

3…Two large onions.

4…Three large baking potatoes.

5…A large package of about 14 chicken legs.

6…A box of whole mushrooms.

7…A large bag of carrots.

Ok here we go…A thousand and one, a thousand and two, a thousand and three……

Chuck the butter and olive oil in the pan followed up by the chicken legs. Smoosch them around to grease them up good. Trim the carrots tops and don’t even think of peeling them, slice them in thirds and chuck them in too.

Cut up the onions as you would carve a large chunk out of something. Do the same with the potatoes. Skin them first and you might as well forget it and go to McDonald’s.

Dump in the (unwashed and dry) whole mushrooms and you got it. Stick the pan in the oven and cook at about 400 degrees for a while and then drop it down to 325 until the chicken is cooked thoroughly. Depending on the temp and how much you got in the pan, it should take 30 to 60 minutes. Turn and baste the chicken at least twice when cooking. Careful not to smoosch up the veggies.

That’s it; you just made a great dinner faster than Rachael Ray could. Drain the drippings and serve it up in the same pan. If you want to get hairy, whip up some instant mashed potatoes, and a couple large cans of spinach with every drop of packing water squeezed out and replaced with butter. If you’ve got a couple minutes left, make some gravy for the mashed taters from the drippings diluted half and half with the spinach water and a little flour. If you do make gravy, put your chicken and veggies on a serving platter and make the gravy in the pan making sure you scrape up all the yummy goop stuck to the bottom. Damn I’m getting hungry.

If you start with enough chicken legs you’ll have great tasting, cold or hot leftovers for the next couple days. ARRRRGGGGHHHH!!! All of a sudden I’m starving. Going to Publix….Seeya.

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jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Sounds tasty , Im gonna try this but im gonna use boneless whole chicken breasts , ...voted up ! and i'll come back and re ~ vote after i eat it :)

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Sounds delicious would you go so far as to do seasame oil?

Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

It's worth a try JT. Ya know, I spent 2 years in Tokyo and cooked many thousands of dinners here for my family but damit, I never seem to have any seasame oil on hand when I want it so I couldn't tell you the results

I absolutly have to learn how to cook the basic flavor of Chinese food. It ought to be illegal advertizing to let the aroma out of a chinese restaurant. There's no way I can pass buy one without at least snagging a couple egg rolls. If you know, I'd sure appreciate it.

Jt walters 5 years ago

Hi Craig,

My Dad conducted trde with Japan back int he 1970(s). I have actually applied for a position doing the same thing. So we grew up with Japan. Atari!! we had one before anyone knew what they were.

My son loves chicken fingers cooked in pure sesame oil. I buy whatever is the cheapest because I only us a little for the flavor. The oil is too heavy to be good for you so I mix about a tablespoon of sesame oil in with either Safflower oil of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I bring the oil up slowly when heating it because the combined oils cook at different temperatures. I always test the oil with a drop of water and when the oil is hot the water bubble bursts.

Also I only use a little Sesame oil because it is ratehr expensive but really more for health benefits. The mixed oils cook the same but it gives the chicken that wonderful Asian flare.

The brand is Sun Luck and you can get it at Publix. I have a Hub on Efficient Grocery Shopping and the Hub has a coupon section which you might be able to find coupons for sesame oil if you are interested.

No word on whether I got the job to conduct trade with Japan. I'll let you know. Japan knows my family well though so I would think I could easily get the job.

Happy 4th.



Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Sesame oil? That's it? I'll have some this week and let you know. Good luck on that commerce permission. Those things can takes ages...

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Beieve it or not keeping it simple maybe your best bet. I would slowly move to cooking asian food. And I only use a little Sesaem oil mixed with regular oil. Just bring the heat up slowly. You can add water chestnuts and mintaure corn on the cob a fotue (soy product) if yoou want but I like to change things slowly in my kitchen. I do a great stir fry but not now. I keep it simple because I cook for my 11 year old son who isn't so into chinese food.

I haven't heard about the commerce position I probably jinxed it just mentioning it. But I am well qualified for the position. I usually make it to the last rounds before disqualified for a position and that means I don't hear back about jobs for a long time. I'll let you know. I just have an in because Japan knows my family. And Asia likes to do business with people they know.

I am not holding my breath.

Making the seasame chicken tonight for my son. Have to go so it doesn't burn.

Oh Yes, I use panko bred crumbs mixed with regular bread crumbs t coat the chicken. Then I make a sweet and sour sauce but you can buy one cheaper.



JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

Hi Craig,

I just wanted to check you out and see if you cooked the chicken with Sesame oil yet? And if you did, did you heat the overn propery or have trouble cooking with that oil? I would hate to be responsible if you burn your eye brows off.



Craig Suits profile image

Craig Suits 5 years ago from Florida Author

Nah, not yet JT. Haven't been shopping yet. We have a freezer and belong to Pace so we buy a ton of stuff at a time. Funny you should ask. Just had Chinese delivered tonight.

I'll let you know, sesame oil is on my list.

Here's a trick reaturants use to save time. Very handy. Premake your own garlic butter with say a half pound of butter, salt, pepper, and garlic powder premixed for cooking. Works great for broiled Italian garlic bread as well.


jt walters 5 years ago

Sounds great Craig. I buy every couple of days because we buy fresh. My son doesn't like frozen foods. So every few days I have to go to the store and buy. Yesterday he ate a peach right out of the market. Very hard to pay for the peach once he ate it. I think they are $1.19lb but it is hard to calculate once my son has eaten it. I ad them wegh the biggest peach I coould find and I paid for it. The larket was really nice. Apparently, I am not the first parent to have their child eat a peach in the middle of the store.

I don't eat much butter and I rarely do bread. But it is a good tip for those that do.

All My Best,


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