Ham/Sausage omelette for breakfast

Ham n Sausage Omelette

Prep time: 10-20 minutes

Serving: 2-3 persons



4 medium eggs

1/2 cup sausage (anywill do-whatever is available)

1/2 cup cooked ham ( turkey, bologna, salami anything will do)

1/2 onions sliced

1/4 cup red bellpepper sliced

1/4 cup green bellpepper sliced

salt and black ground pepper to taste



- Beat eggs. Turn on stove under medium fire.

- Sautee ham and  sausage until brown or a lttle bit burnt.

- Add onions, red and green bellpepper. Mix. Turn to low fire.

- Add the eggs. Keep folding after a few seconds. You dont' want to overcook the eggs. Turn off  fire.



As long as you have any leftover meat or even veggies. All you have to do is to be creative and add eggs. Okay to eat even for lunch or dinner. You can eat this with your own choice of bread. Either with pita, wheat or flour tortilla like a breakfast burrito or with just toasted wheat bread, toasted bagel is fine too. Just use one yolk per two eggs if you're watching calories and your cholesterol. It's cheap plus it yummm! ;P

omelette for breakfast

Sausage/ham omelette
Sausage/ham omelette
any leftover will do and can be eaten with pita, flour/wheat tortilla, wheat bread or bagel.
any leftover will do and can be eaten with pita, flour/wheat tortilla, wheat bread or bagel.

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