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Kiwi fruit is just another super fruit ruling the roost especially in Australian continent. Though the origin of the hardy kiwi belongs to China, this cherry has been renamed as hardy kiwi once it reached Australia. Kiwi is a bird that has an attachment with Australia and hence they renamed this most popular Chinese goose berry as hardy kiwi. Kiwi berry and baby kiwi fruits are two more well known names of hardy kiwi. There are quite a few different of species of kiwifruits like emerald green kiwi, golden yellow kiwi and baby hardy. But this hardy kiwi is so far the pick of the fruits among them, simply because the fruit is small, and the skin is smooth and fruit is completely edible.

Really this kiwi fruit is one amazing super fruit which gives good refreshment and proves extremely good for health. So before adding it to your diet, just get to know some more details about this exotic fruit. There are so many benefits coming our way once we added this to our diet chart. So let’s check some of them.

  • Hardy kiwis are one of the best possible natural medicines to cure constipation.
  • These fruits are very helpful in curing sleeping disorders.
  • Hardy kiwi fruits have anti viral nature and increase resistance to viral infections like cough and could.
  • It is an amazing super fruit for cardiovascular health.
  • It acts as anti clotting agent and removes blood clots in the body.
  • Hardy kiwi fruits are extremely good for eye health and they improve night vision.
  • These little fruits also improve body resistance to some dangerous diseases like cancer.
  • Hardy kiwis got good antioxidant properties.
  • These fruits magically work as anti aging agents and keep skin youthful and healthy.

Adding a hardy kiwi every day to diet would surely add perfection to your raw food diet and completes your health needs. It’s just a small fruit to consume and it doesn’t have any side effects to play. One disappointing thing is that these fruits are comparatively expensive. That’s because of the shortest life span they normally have. Still there are hardy kiwi extracts, juices and powders available in market. If you are far away from Australia continent then you might have to depend on these packed contents. Health and beauty, covering two aspects with one super fruit! Well, what’s more can you look for!


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