Harlan's Home Made Tocino

Tocino (Pork or Chicken)

Cooking Instructions


2 lb Boneless Chicken Breast/Thigh ( or Pork Meat whichever you prefer)

1 Cup Soy Sauce (I preferred Datu Puti or Silver Swan Brand)

3 Tbspn of Lemon or Calamansi Juice

1 Tspn of Iodize Salt

1 Tspn of black ground pepper

1 Tspn of Paprika Powder

1 Tspn of Chili Powder

1 1/2 Cup of Brown Sugar

1/3 Tspn of MSG (optional)

Cooking Oil

Cooking Procedure:

1. Make thin slices of the chicken or pork that you will use.

2. Marinate it into the Soysauce with the Salt and Lemon for 2 hours. Let the meat absorb it first.

3. Put all the remaining Ingredients, the Paprika Powder, Chili Powder, Ground Pepper, Brown Sugar and if you opt to put the MSG but I don't use MSG myself.

4. Mix it well, and place in a closed Tupperware or Zip lock, leave it in your refrigerator for at least 24 hours.

5. Fry in cooking oil until it gets dark brown, just dont overcook it.

*Good Luck!

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Comments 3 comments

dan dela cruz 6 years ago

i will try it myself sir..looks delicious.

Harlan profile image

Harlan 6 years ago Author

absolutely, thanks.

Jennie Es Enfermera 6 years ago

Sarap nito! I will definitely make one...tinxQ!

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