How Drinking Beer Can Make Men Smarter

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The effects of moderate beer drinking on the male brain

So even though too much beer may kill you, it can also make you smart-er. I am not kidding. I have proof. Rather, a University of Illinois study has the proof that drinking beer can make you smarter. Now, the first question I wanted to ask is: Are the researchers beer drinkers? Second questions is: How much money did they spend to find out that beer is brain food?

It seems, however, that drinking beer only benefits men in this way and so it should be since it is primarily a male oriented pastime even though I do, as a woman, enjoy the occasional Coors Light or Bud light beer. I even made a batch of homemade beer using one of those kits and, just let’s say, I had to pretend I was drinking beer. Researchers at the University of Illinois have concluded from their research studies that men are smarter after downing a couple of beers. Who knew?

How did researchers uncover the surprising effects on a man’s brain? They did it in the only way possible; a bar drinking game. Some of you may recall how much fun you had in your basement with friends gathered around, participating in a drinking game. Who knew that the seemingly dumb drinking game would be revived decades later and used to prove that beer drinking makes you smarter. Now before you start dusting off your 1970’s drinking games, this is what you will need to replicate the University of Illinois study

  1. 40 men

  2. 3 words

  3. 2 pints of beer for 20 men

  4. No beer for 20 men

This is what you can expect.

  1. After drinking the 2 pints, the twenty sloshed men should be able to come up with a 4th word that fits the pattern of the other three.

  2. The beer drinkers would solve the problem faster than the non- beer drinkers in 12 seconds as opposed to 15.5 seconds for the un-inebriated.

  3. At a 0.7 alcohol level, you may not remember where you parked your car (probably a good thing) but you will be much better at solving the major life problems

So when you just can’t seem to find the first paragraph of your story or you are having difficulty forming a plot, you will need a boost to your creativity. Have a couple pints of beer and that should do it. You won’t be the first to write a great novel under the influence. You will in fact be joining the ranks of John Cheever and Ernest Hemingway

Now for those men who prefer more than a couple pints on a daily basis, the effects on your brain may not be quite the same. Remember, there are still laws that limit the amount of alcohol you can have in your blood if you plan to drive. So while you may be able to pen a great novel you are still deemed to be an accident waiting to happen when you get behind the wheel with unlawful levels of alcohol coursing through your blood veins.

Legal Driving Limits in Some Countries

The highest Limit allowed. If you want freedom to drink your beer but not too much these countries have among the highest legal alchol limit 0.08

1. Canada

2. US

3. Mexico

4. Singapore

5. Cape Verde

6. Central African Republic

7. UK

If you want to drink with impunity with no limits then you must move to one of these countries

  1. Ethiopia

  2. Congo

  3. Comoros

  4. Vietnam

  5. Nepal

  6. Laos

If you can’t survive without a drink then stay away from these countries where alcohol is banned

  1. Pakistan

  2. Indonesia

  3. Iran

  4. Saudi Arabia

  5. Kuwait

Countries with the strictest limits and penalties: You can be fined heavily and jailed for up to 23 years if you exceed these limits


Hong kong.05

Brazil 0.02

Denmark 0.5

Sweden 0.2

Croatia Zero

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DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 4 years ago

Once again a funny yet interesting hub.I never was a big beer drinker but I have seen the affects of beer drinkers who love to solve lifes problems when they drink.They gave some good advice but I also seen they don't remember it the next day.So beer drinkers that come up with good solutions to problems have to tell a sober friend or it will take a few more drinks to think better again.have a wonderful day.

Joan King profile image

Joan King 4 years ago Author

Yes you could say that beer drinkers probably cause more problems thatn they solve. Thanks for reading.

Quirinus profile image

Quirinus 4 years ago from Sitting on the Rug

Voted up! Thanks for an interesting, well-written and well-researched hub, Joan.

Joan King profile image

Joan King 4 years ago Author

Quirinus Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it.

GETR 11 months ago

I like beer. I don't drink a lot, but I love this information. It may or may not be true, but I intend to repeat it and use it, since it does support my prejudices.

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