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Restaurants have taken advantage of the new and improved POS software that is available today. A new London restaurant now has interactive touch tables with eMenus and digital tablecloths! This is really something you have to see to believe. The tables function use overhead projectors and touch panels on the tables that work together to display things like menus, as well as rotate through a series of seven tablecloths according to the customer’s preference. Customers are also able to order directly from the digital menu, reducing waiters to little more than human FAQs. These tables can also play games like battleship and provides you with location-based services, like finding a cab or the nearest bus. It’s an Asian fusion restaurant named Inamo. While you are waiting for your food to be delivered, they allow you to watch your food being prepared, and when you’re done, you can separate the bill straight from the touch screen by moving your food items to your cart.

Okay Apple fans we didn’t forget about you. They also have iPad restaurants. Although I must admit these aren’t as cool as the previous technology at Inamo, it’s still quite an amazing. These restaurant pos systems are a great to attract new customers. The popularity of these iPads being used in restaurants has risen and I believe it’s a great way to give customers a new restaurant experience. These iPads are replacing menus and some are even being used as plates. Tableau is a new restaurant in London that’s using this technology and replacing plates with iPads. You can view photos of your meal before you place your order and you order from your iPad instead of having a waiter take your order. They also have an iPod touch to view live streaming of the chef preparing your food. It’s always nice to see a delicious steak served on a stunning slice of tablet technology. Info about calories and nutrients are also displayed around your food, and it even cautions about the hot food.

I would be highly skeptical about eating on an iPad because how would the food hold? Also I’m not sure how sanitary this would be. I would definitely look into replacing the iPad plates with normal plates and still using the iPad for games, ordering, and all that other fun stuff. With technology moving so fast I wasn’t surprised at how these different restaurants are taking advantage of this new technology. Although some tweaking to improve the experience could work, I definitely see this growing rapidly in the next five years.

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Top Five Reasons Why An iPad Menu's Could Be The Norm at Restaurants

The adoption of technology in the restaurant industry has changed throughout the years and these changes are now changing the way we order are food. These slim and clean iPads have been adopted by restaurant owners to provide their customers with better service. These touch screen devices are loaded with functions, function nearly the same as traditional desktop computers do, and give a caveat involving useful applications, packages and features. Let’s look at the top five reasons why the next menu you see for your favorite restaurant could be an iPad.

1. Interactive Suggestions and Hint Screens Excite Guests
Tablets have beocme the newest trend that has been growing among consumers in recent years. Coming from smart phones to slim tablet PCs, people like being able to use a touch screen, and the Apple iPad offers that. When you make the menus of a restaurant from paper menus to iPads, you provide consumers with a practical experience that involves technology to assist them and a out of the ordinary experience.

2. Built in Web 2.0 Applications to Share With Friends
Social media has become popular among all ages and people are communicating everyday through twitter and Facebook. This has become integrated in these new iPad menus and consumers love sharing what they had for dinner to their friends. This can also be a way for restaurants to market their products and spread the word at no cost to your business.

3. Elaborate Wine Beverage Lists & Pairing Suggestions
When discussing the different wine or beer pairing options that go along with your dish with your server it takes valuable time from both the consumer and servers . But with the iPad, an integrated wine list can not only educate the consumer on flavors, in addition to notes of different wine drinks, but can also suggest the best pairing with your orders. Restaurants have noticed that they're now selling more wine and beer because of the iPad.

4. High Resolution Pics of Food & Presentation Increases Sales
A picture is worth a thousand words. With the help of an iPad menus and pictures are now seen in high resolution. These are well presented and designed recipes, it further entices a customer to order those entrees.

5. Desirable Built in Features Encourage Consumers
The iPad comes with many built in features to entertain your customers. Things like being able to split the payment at the table and having a built in tip car loan calculator. Or other options such as being able to add custom food preparation notes as soon as placing an order. They also have mini-games that you can play. Or Call a Waiter button that gets their attention so they can come to your table.

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