Crunchy Bean Stew - A Family Story

It was supposed to be chili...

My daughter Z is on a cooking binge. She is also the only vegetarian in our household of 4, so we've had some interesting meals lately. The latest was a chili recipe, because she wanted to use up some dried kidney beans she had - just enough for this recipe! (Who KNOWS how old they were!?!)

Some other ingredients were needed

She bought all the stuff except for two things - one cup of "full-bodied red wine" which she couldn't buy, and some serrano chiles. I was responsible for getting those. Someone told me I could buy small bottles of wine at the grocery store. I didn't find any small BOTTLES; I found a small CARTON of wine - like an adult juice box. It was Vendange Spain Cabernet Sauvignon, 500 ml size (about 17 ounces). It cost $3.50. I went to a Mexican grocery for the chiles - I got half a pound of fresh ones. We were set!

What were you thinking??

Z was mildly amused by the wine box. But the chiles? Why had I gotten so many?!? She only needed 2 (the half pound was about 20). Oh well, they were only 95 cents! Things proceeded along smartly, but the beans - they just wouldn't soften!! (The recipe said "simmer until beans are soft" - or something along those lines...) Finally we were just so hungry that we had to eat. The beans were somewhat crunchy, and it didn't really seem like chili - more like a stew. So I told Z we should call it Crunchy Bean Stew. We had a lot of fun and laughter over it, and isn't that what meals with family are all about? It was tasty and filling, but I still want to know JUST HOW OLD WERE THOSE BEANS?!?

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Marla Neogra profile image

Marla Neogra 4 years ago from Parkersburg, West Virginia

With beans age does not really matter. But..., you have to soak beans over night before you cook them (about 8 hours), or... you can boil them for 3-5 minutes in UN-salted water, let them sit, covered, for 1 to 4 hours. The longer they sit, the less you fart. [Just sayin'!] Believe me it is the truth.

SaraStl profile image

SaraStl 4 years ago from Ballwin, MO Author

Thanks for the info! She did soak the beans overnight - just probably didn't cook them long enough. I was kind of joking about their age...

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